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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who else has this problem?  You go on a holiday or special trip and take 100s of photos.  How do you best represent the memory of the occasion?  I had just that decision to make after our trip to Hobbiton  Movie Set last weekend.  Between Anna and I, we took so many photos.  Where to start?

1. First, I decided to make 2 full pages + inserts. These memories deserve it!  I chose 8.5 x 11 inserts because that size accommodated the official brochure which included the cool illustrated map of the site.
I decided to go with a WR Memory Keepers page protector which has divided pockets as well. (Then made little numbered tabs similar to these, so they don't get flicked past by the viewer.)

I also decided to work on a rough chronological order of events- my brain works like that!

Those two decisions dictated how many spaces I had for photos etc.  Next hardest part was choosing what to include and what to leave out.

2. To keep continuity with the rest of my album, I included some of the usual elements:
  • A circle on the leading photo which I used for the date in lieu of the week number
  • A white border on the next photo - just to give some breathing space
  • A mix of collages and full size photos - love using collages because they allow you to fit so many more images in
3. Other considerations:
  • Memorabilia - the ticket, the brochure, a Hobbit movie stamp I purchased last December then kept it because it was too cool to post
  • I decided to let the photos tell the story, so little journaling.  Also, the brochure has lots of the story on it
  • I used quotes from The Hobbit - words I love
  • Tricky to balance the colours with the very bright yellow of the ticket, but I found a location map online which worked with it and changed the colour of The Story card to yellow. 
I used my OLW 'simplicity' to try and keep the process easy and here we are a few days later - photos ordered online, delivered and assembled!  
Click to enlarge any image

Pages of happy memories. Now I'm considering making a photo book as well.

Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life, Paislee Press journaling cards, Seafoam journaling cards

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Project Life Weeks 7 and 8

I purchased these digital cards from Paislee Press especially for Valentines Day/week (and because I couldn't resist those gorgeous colours!).  
Was a bit of a quiet week - photos really celebrate things we love though... our gorgeous dog, Shelby, Summer, summer fruit (Shelby is loving fruit too!), and the beach down the road.

Week 7
Week 8
Love the simple webcam shot of Nicholas and Shelby.  It's not great quality but caught them unaware and that's what I love about it.
Love the AM in 3D which Anna made for an art assignment!  She's definitely my daughter loving the graphics:)  I added in a party invite we received for our great nephew's 1st birthday. Love that the colours matched my page!

On Saturday we went to Hobbiton.  I decided to do a separate set of pages for that visit which I hope to share tomorrow.

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Hobbiton Movie Set Tour

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This week my head is in The Hobbit, Hobbiton and hobbits in general!

On Saturday we went to Matamata for a tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set, set of The Lord of the Rings movies and The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey movie. What a fantastic experience.

We decided to visit before the weather gets more unpredictable... in fact, I think we chose the hottest day of summer!

I can't really describe the feeling of the first sight of a hobbit house, standing at Bag End and having a drink in The Green Dragon.  A magic day.

Click for enlarged view

We took 2 cameras so between Anna and I we have 100's of photos! Editing for Project Life album has been hard work, but I love problems like that!  Here's a collage to go in one of the insert pages.  I'm just getting photos printed and will be back to share soon.  It's going to be photo heavy and I hope it turns out as I planned.

For us all it was great to see the set of movies we've enjoyed, and for my son, great to see and hear from the tour guide a lot of information about the making of the Hobbit movie, since he has special interest in film making.

Shame the movie didn't win any Oscars yesterday! So many great movies in the nominations though.

Project Life - Weeks 5 and 6

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This fortnight I added a 6 x 12 insert to record some thoughts on my children's different personalities. (I mentioned we did an online personality test a few weeks ago, so this plays on what we found to be true from that exercise:).
I also decided to use gold coloured embellishments.  Sources listed at end of post.
But first, Week 5 marked the end of the summer school holidays and back to school. I used journaling to record the subjects each is taking this year, plus journaled over a photo which I applied transparency to first as it wasn't the greatest photo of my daughter watering our 101.5 year old (yes, amazing huh!) neighbour's garden.  Bottom right, selfie of a book I'm enjoying at the moment.

Insert tabs were changed to grey by applying black and white to the original colored version before printing. Source below.
Above - I found this cartoon my sister had saved for my son at Christmas so printed it on acid free paper.  I also included a photo of my vision board I made for a OLW exercise.  I included an ampersand (source below) which I altered by changing to negative before printing so it would have the dark colour I was after to balance all the lightness this week.

 Supplies: Seafoam journaling and filler cards; Gold digital elements printed on inserts and week in review cards from Paislee Press (free download, not sure they're available any more), elements on bottom of inserts and lined card behind photo also from Paislee Press ; ampersand freebie from here; tabs from Studio Calico; gold chipboard letters from Basic Grey (have had these for years).
I think that's all.  Any questions, fire away!

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