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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who else has this problem?  You go on a holiday or special trip and take 100s of photos.  How do you best represent the memory of the occasion?  I had just that decision to make after our trip to Hobbiton  Movie Set last weekend.  Between Anna and I, we took so many photos.  Where to start?

1. First, I decided to make 2 full pages + inserts. These memories deserve it!  I chose 8.5 x 11 inserts because that size accommodated the official brochure which included the cool illustrated map of the site.
I decided to go with a WR Memory Keepers page protector which has divided pockets as well. (Then made little numbered tabs similar to these, so they don't get flicked past by the viewer.)

I also decided to work on a rough chronological order of events- my brain works like that!

Those two decisions dictated how many spaces I had for photos etc.  Next hardest part was choosing what to include and what to leave out.

2. To keep continuity with the rest of my album, I included some of the usual elements:
  • A circle on the leading photo which I used for the date in lieu of the week number
  • A white border on the next photo - just to give some breathing space
  • A mix of collages and full size photos - love using collages because they allow you to fit so many more images in
3. Other considerations:
  • Memorabilia - the ticket, the brochure, a Hobbit movie stamp I purchased last December then kept it because it was too cool to post
  • I decided to let the photos tell the story, so little journaling.  Also, the brochure has lots of the story on it
  • I used quotes from The Hobbit - words I love
  • Tricky to balance the colours with the very bright yellow of the ticket, but I found a location map online which worked with it and changed the colour of The Story card to yellow. 
I used my OLW 'simplicity' to try and keep the process easy and here we are a few days later - photos ordered online, delivered and assembled!  
Click to enlarge any image

Pages of happy memories. Now I'm considering making a photo book as well.

Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life, Paislee Press journaling cards, Seafoam journaling cards

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