Project Life - Weeks 9 and 10

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This fortnight's spread... It's the transition from Summer to Autumn here... except the weather hasn't realised that.  We're in the middle of what's thought to be the worst drought in 40+ years! It's regularly 26 degrees C with quite high humidity.  It's also knocked our dear 101 year old neighbour around badly.  She may be off to a rest home soon.  We're really sad about that.
click to enlarge photos.  Apologies for the glary photos.  It's so bright here, it's hard not to get the reflection off the plastic.
 My digi downloads this week were Seafoam and Baby Edition For Her.
 Week 9

 Week 10

Love making collages of what are really just random shots, sometimes not great quality, but they each create a memory.
Yep, my girl is a Belieber:)  And a huge fan of Emblem 3.  If you watched X Factor USA last series, you'll know who I mean.  Imagine her absolute delight when they followed her on Twitter last week!  She couldn't stop smiling!
 Journaling about the drought situation here.
It was NZ Census week here, so photographed the screen as I logged in to complete it online instead of the paperwork option as we used to do!  Also a series of photos of my family with our beloved Border Collie.

As I said to my son; anyone looking at this album in the future will think we're a bit obsessed with the dog... and they'd be right.

Thanks for stopping by, and send some rain our way if you can.  Feeling sorry for the many farmers affected here + how much this is going to hurt the NZ economy.

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  1. Love how clean your spreads are, as well as the pops of yellow!
    Ronnie xo


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