Hello Story class - going back in time

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This week's class came together quite quickly for me.  I decided to use one of Ali's prompt/digi elements as the title and to write about my 10 year journey in memory keeping/scrapbooking.

Oh how things have changed!  I've gone from being a paper scrapper with a layered style to now doing mainly Project Life and photo books with a mantra of simplicity.

I've created 2 double page layouts for the photo book I'm creating at the end of the class.  They are purposely simple as I wanted some white space to balance out the coloured collection of my old fav layouts!

(Click for larger view)
I realise the edge of the layout photo on page 4 will end up in the print "gutter" but I'm fine with that.

Supplies used: Elements from BPC Hello Story class by Ali Edwards,  One Little Bird and some freebies from Paislee Press in 2012.

I've enjoyed my little trip down memory lane!  I don't think I'll ever return to this style, but I'll always be a memory keeper.

Project Life - Week 29

Thursday, July 25, 2013

This week was highly influenced by photos of flowers... some taken as part of The Phone Photography Project.  I love that it's mid winter and there are still lots of flowers around.  We've had some yuk weather but overall it's pretty spring-like:) Maybe I'm just being optimistic!

It was the first week of 2 week school holidays here.

Sorry, I've had to block out one journaling card for privacy reasons.
Really it was a week of taking photos, walks, working (even the kids) and movies.  Love school hols!

Supplies used:  Becky Higgins Design A pages, Midnight Edition, Paislee Press journaling cards and elements, Studio Calico NSD freebie and the timeline element is by Ali Edwards and part of Hello Story class.

Hello Story... Before I Die

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I created this digital layout for Week 2 of my Hello Story class.  I've always avoided bucket lists and so on... too scary.  But, this class had a video to watch which was quite emotional and really thought provoking.  It made me see this from another side.  And so, my list was created.  There's so much I could add but I gave myself a small time frame to make these notes.
I used the photo I took with my phone and used in last week's PL.  Love the movement of this photo and it just seemed to fit with the theme.  Element "before I die" by Ali Edwards and part of class.

I've just finished this week's layout which I'll share later this week. Loving this class so much!  I have so many ideas brewing!

Back soon with Week 29 PL.

Project Life - Week 28

Friday, July 19, 2013

(click for larger view)
This week my photos all turned out in similar colours and I didn't feel the need to embellish them much at all.  So apart from a bit of text and elements added digitally, I left the photos to be their own stories.

I added a 6x12 insert.

I also wanted to keep the journaling and filler cards neutral so used all grey.  If they didn't come grey, I changed them.

 Loved being able to cut and paste journaling straight from my FB page.
 Nicholas chose the quote above.  This is all part of his special interest and I love that he's contributing to our album.

I started the Hello Story class that week.  The shadow photo I snapped on my phone and loved that the wind caught my clothes and gave it movement. I've just used it for my Week 2 layout for Hello Story.  Will post that story soon.

Supplies used: Becky Higgins Plastics Design A and Design H; Midnight Edition; Seafoam Edition; Paislee Press elements; Studio Calico NSD freebie elements; Hello Story element (part of class).

Thanks for stopping by and a big hi if you're here from BPC:)

A Photo Walk

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yesterday was a challenging one in many respects.  A few more lessons in this journey we're on. However it was one I'll end up remembering for the right reasons.

It's the school holidays here - 2 weeks and it's mid winter.  We're lucky that in Auckland we've had some amazing fine days.  Cool yes, but we can still get out and about.

Yesterday I went on not one, but two walks with Nicholas.  Anna chose to go on her own adventure with Shelby (that would be the Border Collie).  I took my camera and my phone.  After a while Nicholas took the camera and just started taking photos.  He squatted down looking for angles.  We talked about light and composition.  We took photos of shadows.  We had fun.  My passion for photography crosses paths with his love of film and cinematography. I love, and am thankful to have this interest in common.  It means a lot.
(I took this photo with my phone and used it in yesterday's Phone Photography Project challenge #summerselfies except of course winter selfie in our hemisphere)

Anna returned from her walk.  She'd also been out taking photos on her ipod and wouldn't you know, she has a natural talent for composition.  She's taken some fabulous photos.  In fact she took one of our house from a position I hadn't considered!  Aced there and I love it.
(and here's the 3x4 photo prepared for PL Week 29) Happy Place element from here.

Back soon with PL Week 28. Hope your weeks a good one!

Project Life - Week 27

Thursday, July 11, 2013

 A double page this week.  It was the first week of The Phone Photography Project.  I've also started Hello Story and without giving too much away, I decided to use a bit of a timeline theme this week, including some elements provided in class.  I chose a photo of the day taken on my phone and spread those across the 3x4 pockets mounted on cards from Paislee Press.
The Story of Today card at the top has hidden journaling behind.
 Bottom left - our dear almost 102 year old neighbour passed away earlier this year.  Her little cottage sold in a week for a staggering amount as it will be land value only!  Just a matter of time before the building starts there.  There's a house being built next door to that one.  Our dog barks at the nail gun, so goodness knows what she'll do when there's banging right next door.
Below - I love the photos at the top.  Left one taken on my DSLR.  The little collage made from phone photos using a filter.  I love the effect. We've had some magic days considering it is winter here!

Supplies used: BH Page protectors, Midnight Edition, Cards from Paislee Press - On My Desk, Digital elements from Hello Story class.

Hello Story

I've created my first digital layout!  I have worked hybrid before but this is the first ever digital.  Very simple in design and that was my intention.

hopefully will be easier to view if you click on the image
I made this in response to Week 1 Hello Story class.  My intention is to work in more of an editorial style put them into a photo book when the class is finished... if I'm happy enough with them at that stage!  So I decided to stick with 8.5 x 11 inches (this is a double page) as that's the size I used to paper scrap and I'm comfortable with the space.  I can get that size printed at Persnickety Prints.

Supplies used: Hello Timeline element is by Ali Edwards and part of the class; paper and banner are from Paislee Press-  from where I stand

Meanwhile, an idea and words out of my head.  Can't wait for the next.

Here's a shot taken a few weeks ago which didn't make it to the layout.

I'll be back soon with Week 27 of Project Life.  Just the finishing touches and some good light needed to photograph!

PS.  Still loving the Phone Photography Project.  Today I'll be chasing clouds:)


Monday, July 8, 2013

As I mentioned in previous posts, I'm excited to be starting Ali Edward's Hello Story class this week.  I have a rough list of things I'd like to write about/get recorded.

I've been doing a bit of practice at Ali's suggestion.  It's hard to get going.  Like anything creative, I think you need to work at it constantly.  Journaling should really be a daily habit.

When the talented Pink Ronnie asked if anyone would be interested in linking up with her journaling excerpts, I decided, why not?  I absolutely love her 'from the heart' style of writing.
(this was yesterday's Phone Photography Project photo.  I snapped it last night for the "family' prompt. I love that this captures their relationship perfectly)

I've written some quite lengthy journaling today which will be part of a layout I do soon.  I'm only going to share the start and end of it for now.  It's been a tough road for us lately.  Our 15 year son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome this week. So here goes.  Thanks for stopping by.

.......Last night Nicholas asked me if I’m content with my life now and the way it’s going.  That took me by surprise and I struggled for a decent answer straight away.  Lying in bed last night I got to thinking.  I always do my best thinking in bed.  Words always flow in my head when I have no device to write on. 

                              * * *

So, in answer to Nicholas’s question “Am I content with my life right here, right now?” I have to say yes I am.  Life is all about dealing with the cards you’ve been dealt.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy.  I find the most satisfaction comes from working hard at something.  I also know it’s important to have goals and dreams, however cliché that sounds.  Without those, there’s nothing to get that excited feeling deep inside, and to keep you moving forward positively.

Nicholas says he doesn’t want to end up sitting in a chair on the porch drinking beer when he’s old.  He wants to be doing something which excites him.  I get that.  I feel the same way. I know in my heart that a lot of positive is going to come from having a unique son.  There is much to learn, but he’s already taught me such a lot.

                              * * *
I'm linking up with Pink Ronnie today.

Project Life - Week 26

Sunday, July 7, 2013

This week was of course the back of the Design G page protector, along with Design A.

I was very disappointed with the print processing of my photos this week.  I won't name and shame, but I'm a bit peeved that I've spent a lot of money on photo processing with said company and they haven't even had the courtesy to reply to my email.

Never mind, I will get them reprinted with this weeks lot.  You may not see what I see as I've trimmed them straight.  They were all skewed a couple of mm so had while triangles on 2 sides!

Sorry I've had to blur quite a bit out.  I may share what's been going on one day but for now, I think privacy might be best.
Bottom right photo is my daughter standing beside a life sized Tonto (aka Johnny Depp) at the movies!

My pages haven't photographed very well this week.  The lighting yesterday and today was bright and sunny but because it's winter, low in the sky and, well, I decided to call it quits and go with these!

Suppplies used: Becky Higgins Design A and G page protectors; BH Midnight Edition; BH Seafoam Edition; Crashnotes Journaling cards (colour altered)... These ones don't seem to be available any more.

Thanks for stopping by:)

Project Life - Week 25

Monday, July 1, 2013

For this week I used a Design A and a Design G Becky Higgins Page Protectors. I kept my design pretty simple again.  This week crochet seemed to pop up and provided a nice vibrant colour palette.

I made up my own collages this time as my laptop had a hissy fit and I couldn't use my purchased collages in PSE.  That problem resulted in me getting a new laptop, so just reloading all my programs:)

Supplies: Becky Higgins Page Protectors Design A and G; BH Midnight Edition Journaling card; Paislee Press You are my fave card (with photo over the heart); Studio Calico NSD freebie (recoloured); Paislee Press Jump for Joy NSD freebie.

I'll leave you with a peep at Week 26.  Just waiting on the rest of the photos to finish off.

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