A Photo Walk

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yesterday was a challenging one in many respects.  A few more lessons in this journey we're on. However it was one I'll end up remembering for the right reasons.

It's the school holidays here - 2 weeks and it's mid winter.  We're lucky that in Auckland we've had some amazing fine days.  Cool yes, but we can still get out and about.

Yesterday I went on not one, but two walks with Nicholas.  Anna chose to go on her own adventure with Shelby (that would be the Border Collie).  I took my camera and my phone.  After a while Nicholas took the camera and just started taking photos.  He squatted down looking for angles.  We talked about light and composition.  We took photos of shadows.  We had fun.  My passion for photography crosses paths with his love of film and cinematography. I love, and am thankful to have this interest in common.  It means a lot.
(I took this photo with my phone and used it in yesterday's Phone Photography Project challenge #summerselfies except of course winter selfie in our hemisphere)

Anna returned from her walk.  She'd also been out taking photos on her ipod and wouldn't you know, she has a natural talent for composition.  She's taken some fabulous photos.  In fact she took one of our house from a position I hadn't considered!  Aced there and I love it.
(and here's the 3x4 photo prepared for PL Week 29) Happy Place element from here.

Back soon with PL Week 28. Hope your weeks a good one!


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