Monday, July 8, 2013

As I mentioned in previous posts, I'm excited to be starting Ali Edward's Hello Story class this week.  I have a rough list of things I'd like to write about/get recorded.

I've been doing a bit of practice at Ali's suggestion.  It's hard to get going.  Like anything creative, I think you need to work at it constantly.  Journaling should really be a daily habit.

When the talented Pink Ronnie asked if anyone would be interested in linking up with her journaling excerpts, I decided, why not?  I absolutely love her 'from the heart' style of writing.
(this was yesterday's Phone Photography Project photo.  I snapped it last night for the "family' prompt. I love that this captures their relationship perfectly)

I've written some quite lengthy journaling today which will be part of a layout I do soon.  I'm only going to share the start and end of it for now.  It's been a tough road for us lately.  Our 15 year son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome this week. So here goes.  Thanks for stopping by.

.......Last night Nicholas asked me if I’m content with my life now and the way it’s going.  That took me by surprise and I struggled for a decent answer straight away.  Lying in bed last night I got to thinking.  I always do my best thinking in bed.  Words always flow in my head when I have no device to write on. 

                              * * *

So, in answer to Nicholas’s question “Am I content with my life right here, right now?” I have to say yes I am.  Life is all about dealing with the cards you’ve been dealt.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy.  I find the most satisfaction comes from working hard at something.  I also know it’s important to have goals and dreams, however cliché that sounds.  Without those, there’s nothing to get that excited feeling deep inside, and to keep you moving forward positively.

Nicholas says he doesn’t want to end up sitting in a chair on the porch drinking beer when he’s old.  He wants to be doing something which excites him.  I get that.  I feel the same way. I know in my heart that a lot of positive is going to come from having a unique son.  There is much to learn, but he’s already taught me such a lot.

                              * * *
I'm linking up with Pink Ronnie today.

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  1. I absolutely love that last paragraph... so moving in so many ways.
    Ronnie xo


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