Project Life - Week 34

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 34 done and dusted!  I never tire of doing this project.

 Couldn't resist a photo of daughter's nail polish I found lined up in rainbow order in her room!
 This week I decided to use a 3x8 inch photo of Anna and balanced that by using 3 inch wide photos along the bottom of the page.  Lots of the beautiful Seafoam blue to balance out all the red and purple.  It all came together pretty fast after deciding on those things:)
 Red elements part of Hello Story class & by Ali Edwards.  There's some private journaling on the reverse.

Supplies used: BH Midnight Edition, BH Seafoam Edition, Paislee Press (arrows), Hello Story class elements by Ali Edwards.

I've completed Week 8 of Hello Story but decided against sharing here as it contains a map pinpointing our house and so I don't want that on the internet.  I haven't completed Week 7 as yet.  Life got in the way.  

I have another photo project - a photo frame I started months ago and hope to finish shortly so will share when that's done.

Thanks for stopping by:)

Project Life - Weeks 32 and 33

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

 Week 32 - it was my birthday during this week and the majority of photos I used were taken that evening.  All the photos on the 6x12 insert were taken on phones and because of their similar grainy quality I decided to go collage style with 2 inch photos. We went over to Auckland's Viaduct Harbour for dinner and had a great evening.  It was a beautiful evening for a stroll afterwards.  It's such a great place by day or night!

Both weeks showing back side of insert.

 I love this photo even though he'd not focused on himself.  I used it for Week 6 of Hello Story.

I used elements from paislee Press and One Little Bird this week.
Can't go a week without beach photos... even after stormy weather!  Love living close to the beach and my daily walks there.

Supplies used:  Becky Higgins PL: Design A and 6 x 12 pages; Journaling cards (chevrons) from Crashnotes, digital elements from Paislee Press and One Little Bird, tabs made from elements from Studio Calico.  Pandora sticker came with my birthday gift.

Happy Friday

Friday, August 16, 2013

I took this photo on my phone while out walking yesterday.  Loving the sight of Spring popping up all around:)

I'll have the last 2 weeks of Project Life up early next week.  I've gone with one double page + insert for the last fortnight.  Will explain why later, but I love that there are no rules with it.  You can document any way you want.

Today there's been another earthquake in Seddon, which affected Wellington.  I think that occurred while I was in the middle of uploading my photos because I lost internet in the middle of that!  It was a 6.2 6.6 and quite shallow.  NOT liking these continuing EQs in NZ!!

Happy weekend all.  I'm having my Friday wine right now.  I have photo book ideas and other creative projects floating around in my head today.  Love it:)

Hello Story - Week 6

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This week's focus was on a six word statement, which I used as the title for my layout.

I've been trying to journal on a regular basis lately.  I have a notebook but I also have a Word doc I add to whenever I feel the urge.  I try to write positive stuff.  It's a bit of therapy for me and my goodness, I have I needed it these last few days.
 Last week in my Project Life I added a quote which I've tried to keep foremost in my mind:
"train your mind to see the good in everything"
It's something I definitely am trying to do and need to remind myself to, constantly.

So, here's what I created using some of my journaling relating to photography...
as well as another favourite quote about photography. (click for larger view)

I love that both of my children have an interest in photography.

I've used elements from One Little Bird and Paislee Press.

Thanks for looking, Donna

Project Life - Week 31

Saturday, August 10, 2013

One of the things I love about preparing each week of PL is choosing the colour scheme.  Ususally the photos will dictate this to a degree, but even so, there's always ways to maximise a layout by combining colours and of course elements.
(click photos for enlarged view)
I love the end result to look clean and simple, but sometimes the process is far from simple.  I spend ages thinking it all through, and usually subtracting to achieve this.

This week, my favourite colours came through - green and bluey green.
 I was inspired by a rug design and altered a Midnight Edition card digitally to make the b & w card above.  The top card "Taking it one day at a time" uses an Ali Edwards element from Hello Story and there's journaling on the reverse about an action plan we're working through with a professional for our son who's been diagnosed with ASD.
 From the sessions we're working through, I found this quote which summarises what I need to do. It has a lot of meaning right now as we navigate our way through this.

This was one of my first Instagram photos of Shelby's fresh prints.  Saw these words on Pinterest and loved them with this photo.

Hello Story - Week 5

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Here's one layout I've made using what I've learned from this week's lesson.  A fun week with maths graphic symbols which is right up my alley!

This is a 8x11 double page for my photo book.  I've realised it's hard to get a 8.5x11 portrait style book made so have had to adjust all my work to a slightly smaller size.  That wasn't a major, thankfully.

Hopefully I feel a bit more creative as the week goes by as I'd like to carry on with a few more ideas.  It's not been a great week so far...  I have found a quote which I'm trying to commit to: "train your mind to see the good in everything".  I've included in last weeks PL pages.

Elements used here by Ali Edwards and part of the BPC Hello Story class.

Project Life - Week 30

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 30... this week N turned 16.  There's an 8.5 x 11 inch insert to go in the centre covering this.

 (Click to enlarge)

This was week 2 of the holidays.  Anna did some clothes shopping with her friend.  I love that she's so independent now and has her own style.  She has been on a healthy eating regime since late last year and is looking and feeling so good. We call her the Food Police:) It's hard to believe she's only 14!

On the reverse of the above card is some private journaling relating to this. 

In true Nicholas style, he had some quirky requests for his birthday - eating a 2L tub of ice cream in one day and going through a car wash!!

Here's a fav from the evening to go on the reverse of the insert with some random thoughts about him at 16.  There's a collage on the front which I've decided not to show here for his privacy.

Supplies: Becky Higgins Design A pages, BH Midnight Edition, Paislee Press On My Desk, From Where I Stand as well as some other free elements, Dear Lizzy letter stickers purchased locally at Spotlight.
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