Happy Friday

Friday, August 16, 2013

I took this photo on my phone while out walking yesterday.  Loving the sight of Spring popping up all around:)

I'll have the last 2 weeks of Project Life up early next week.  I've gone with one double page + insert for the last fortnight.  Will explain why later, but I love that there are no rules with it.  You can document any way you want.

Today there's been another earthquake in Seddon, which affected Wellington.  I think that occurred while I was in the middle of uploading my photos because I lost internet in the middle of that!  It was a 6.2 6.6 and quite shallow.  NOT liking these continuing EQs in NZ!!

Happy weekend all.  I'm having my Friday wine right now.  I have photo book ideas and other creative projects floating around in my head today.  Love it:)


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