Hello Story - Week 12

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I've got a few weeks behind with my Hello Story pages.  Last night we got the final week's information and the light bulb went off immediately.  This week was all about rules for living.

Having a son recently diagnosed with ASD, we're learning (through professional help) ways to handle the situations we're addressing on a daily basis and when I thought about it last night, 10 'unofficial' rules just popped in to my head.  They're really rules for the other 3 of us when around Nicholas.  Things like respecting quiet as he has noise sensitivities.

This morning at school drop off I saw him do something really nice for his sister and on the short drive home from school, the idea for this page had formulated.  Love it when that happens.  I kept it simple... actually I subtracted some elements focusing on one large photo and the story. It's a double 8x11 for the photo book I'm making.

Supplies used:  Elements at top left from One Little Bird here. The 'Rules" element by Ali Edwards and part of the class.

Now to finish the previous few weeks!


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