Project Life... some random thoughts about why I love this!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Recently some people have left me some beautiful messages, especially on my instagram photos.  It's really uplifting, because to be honest I feel like a square peg in a round hole sometimes!  But, I'm good with that.  I made a decision to follow my own path and that has meant moving away from traditional scrapbooking to a more editorial style.  I also adopted simplicity as my One Little Word this year.  By using this as my mantra from the start of the year, I've been able to adopt a system to help me stay on top of this project.  I've also used it with my wardrobe but that's a whole other story.

WHY do I love this project?
Argh.  I could talk for ages on why!

  • It's simple enough (or can be complicated if you want) to stay on top of.
  • It's made me view things in a different way... a week and what happened is there recorded to look back on instead of fading into a distant memory.
  • I take MANY more photos than I would otherwise have.  I think to take my camera or phone with me and take photos of all sorts of things that may help record a memory.  In fact you could say I live my life around Project Life.
  • I write things down in my journal as I think of them.  I feel my mind is on overload sometimes and that helps me remember things.
  • I take more notice of the little stories that make up our every day lives and I'm trying different ways to get them recorded... sometimes with photos, sometimes words.   Those stories and how I record them are going to be my major focus moving forward. 
  •  It's really helped me focus on what's important this year especially - it's been an extremely difficult one in some respects with our 16 year old son being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (ASD) earlier this year and all that has entailed for us.  In fact, it's been a bit of a sanity saver for me having something creative to focus on.
  • Yes, mustn't forget the creative aspect.  I LOVE that part.  Getting a balance, the colours right.  Finding the right digital products to use. The OCD in me loves that:)
  • I have a new appreciation of the months/seasons through the photos and celebrations recorded.  It's a bit scary how fast they come around though. But I can now appreciate winter for what it brings rather than loathe those colder months.  I also know that in 3 short months it's over for another year.
  • I can do a digital/hybrid style and that means less product to store, except on my computer.  Love that I can add to photos and cards before printing, tweak the sizes, colours, etc. Perfect!
  • I think the biggest reward is my family looking through the album.  My hubby has several times recently and I heard him telling his mum about it on the phone and saying we must bring it to show her at Christmas. My son also likes to look through occasionally and yesterday he was astounded how fast time had gone while he remembered moments. I love that!

 Yes, sometimes it's the little things that are important...
Pictures can speak 1000 words, but I also appreciate that words can sometimes convey a moment that a photo couldn't.
Ali Edwards handrawn days of the week - similar

Project Life - a system by Becky Higgins.

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Project Life - catching up today

Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Monday of a long weekend here in New Zealand.  Am enjoying a relaxing morning listening to a few favourite tunes and finishing designing the last 2 weeks of Project Life.  I'll be posting this later in the week once my photos are printed.  I get mine printed by ordering online. I've thought about getting a special photo printer - there have been plenty of good reviews about a few, but, I like the simplicity of uploading and then forgetting about them until they arrive in my mailbox.  I do print all the journaling cards here though.
Here's one 6x4 ready for printing.  Yesterday we went to see the Tall Ships festival in Auckland's harbour.  It was crowded but they were spread out sufficiently to be able to get pretty good views.  Amazing that these ships are currently sailing around the world!  Especially loved the old masts juxtaposed against the modern 'Cloud" building and some with The Hilton Hotel and the Skytower as backdrops.

Oh, and yesterday I received a lovely email from Kim Archer of Jot Magazine to say she's selected another of my layouts for Issue 3 coming out early November:)  Am very excited as she has an awesome magazine and some very talented contributors.  Really looking forward to the new issue for some inspiration.

Lots of thinking about whether to do December Daily and about PL 2014.  More about that soon.

Project Life - Week 41

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Last week Anna arrived home and downloaded hundreds of photos of her Tahiti trip... hundreds of gorgeous photos to choose from!  I selected my favourites and then had to design a plan to fit them in.

With my collection of page protector inserts, it was pretty easy really.  Most of week 41 is devoted to the memories of her trip.  Sorry, I've blurred out her beautiful friends's faces for their privacy.

With the beautiful photos, there was little need for much else except a few notes and digital elements for some colour and white space.

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Design A, H and L pages
Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight Edition
Paislee Press digital elements

Thanks for stopping by.  Time for me to formulate a plan for Week 42.  Eek, that means it's 10 weeks to the end of the year.  We booked our summer holiday yesterday for January.  Exciting!

Project Life - Week 40

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This week my challenge was to work in updates from Anna in Tahiti with our week here.  I considered an insert to keep it separate, but decided to just include part of her update from the couple of days she was at Moorea with a photo she messaged me.  I love that I could cut and paste her message to a 6x4 card... it sums her up and it's also a bit surreal that she was swimming with sharks and stingrays and kissed a stingray!! She arrives home tomorrow, so looking forward to designing this weeks (41) pages.
 More Spring blossom photos.  Yes, I'm a bit obsessed with floral photos! Top right - I was finishing my Hello Story class and found a quote on Pinterest which sums up what I consider a perfect set of Rules for Living. The collage was made of photos of the city harbour area on Friday night.  A perfect evening for a walk around after dinner there.
 We sure had some awesome days week 40.  It's now turned pretty windy here and there was a tornado not far away last night, so glad we made the most of lunch outside, evening walks etc last week!
Click for larger image

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Design A pages
Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight, Baby Girl and Baby Boy Editions (digital versions used)
Paislee Press elements
One Little Bird filler card
Ali Edwards elements - part of  Hello Story class

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PS - that cute Border Collie is currently snoring her head off in my office!

Project Life - Week 39

Friday, October 4, 2013

Again, this week limited photos.  Most were taken on Sunday while Anna was packing and at the airport.
Apologies for so many blanked out faces. She is on a school trip to Tahiti as part of her French studies. Also again, simplicity rules.
 And again I used an 8x6 photo for impact.  Love this shot at the airport.  My girl seemed so grown up!
Alas, Emirates Team NZ lost the America's Cup Challenge but they are still being hailed as heroes here, taking on the billionaire's team and making us all proud to be kiwis! The elements above are both from Paislee Press.
All the travel related elements are from One Little Bird.  I think they were freebies at the time, but you will find similar here.

This morning I woke to a message from Anna with a beautiful photo of the sea... the view from her room this morning!  She's having a wonderful time.  Can't wait to see her next Thursday though:)

Meanwhile, I am trying to be motivated to put the finishing touches to the 2 photo books I'm making so I can get printed.  By committing here to getting them done, will keep me honest!  Project for the weekend I think.

Supplies used:  Becky Higgins Page A design, BH Midnight Edition journaling card, Paislee Press elements, One Little Bird elements.
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