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Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Monday of a long weekend here in New Zealand.  Am enjoying a relaxing morning listening to a few favourite tunes and finishing designing the last 2 weeks of Project Life.  I'll be posting this later in the week once my photos are printed.  I get mine printed by ordering online. I've thought about getting a special photo printer - there have been plenty of good reviews about a few, but, I like the simplicity of uploading and then forgetting about them until they arrive in my mailbox.  I do print all the journaling cards here though.
Here's one 6x4 ready for printing.  Yesterday we went to see the Tall Ships festival in Auckland's harbour.  It was crowded but they were spread out sufficiently to be able to get pretty good views.  Amazing that these ships are currently sailing around the world!  Especially loved the old masts juxtaposed against the modern 'Cloud" building and some with The Hilton Hotel and the Skytower as backdrops.

Oh, and yesterday I received a lovely email from Kim Archer of Jot Magazine to say she's selected another of my layouts for Issue 3 coming out early November:)  Am very excited as she has an awesome magazine and some very talented contributors.  Really looking forward to the new issue for some inspiration.

Lots of thinking about whether to do December Daily and about PL 2014.  More about that soon.


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