Project Life _ Week 47

Friday, November 29, 2013

This week was the final countdown for Anna.  The day she'd been waiting for, for months.  She had a VIP ticket to Justin Bieber's Auckland concert with her 2 best friends.

Bottom right photo - official Justin Bieber Tour photo
I don't think she'll ever forget that moment.  He wanted a conversation with her, instead of just the usual 'look at the camera' pose!  It resulted in a fabulous photo and he put her in his video with about a dozen others on Twitter!   Apparently he was really sweet and they were absolutely buzzing after the concert.  He may get some bad press but it made me happy to see her this happy and excited.

Yep, it's been an awesomely exciting year for my daughter.  But she's worked really hard and has real determination.  I look to her for inspiration on the days I'm feeling flat.

Apart from that, I enjoyed some walks with my son.  I take any opportunity to spend that sort of quality time with him... even when it's boiling hot, mid afternoon.  We've had unusually hot and humid weather over the last week.

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life pages and Midnight Edition digital cards
Paislee Press digital cards and elements

Project Life - Week 46

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Love how this week turned out.

 I kept colours subtle or b & w to match in with the 12x12 print.
 I ended up getting this printed as a 12x12 and it came rolled (hence curled a bit because I photographed it before it's flattened out. Not a day goes by that I don't feel very thankful to live by this beautiful beach.

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Page A Design
Becky Higgins Midnight Edition digital journaling cards
Becky Higgins It's a Man's World digital cards
Paislee Press elements
Ali Edwards "thankful' digital element (part of a freebie of gratitude elements)

My Week 47 photos are on their way.  Something very special and exciting happened for my daughter this weekend:)

Project Life - Week 45

Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 45 was a bit of a mixed bag... Result being not many photos and not a lot to record!  We have weeks like that here.  Living with Asperger's Syndrome in the family isn't easy.  It can be emotionally draining.  This was the week before major exams.  I'll say no more. I made reference to this on my pages but hopefully in a subtle and not too negative way.  I'm very mindful (and especially so after talking to other mums with ASD kids) about what I write in our albums and on the internet. The fine balance between keeping it real and not offending someone.  I may share more one day.

It wasn't all bad, not at all.  From this week I've made a pact with myself to focus on happiness. So far it's going pretty good:)
 Getting up early enough to see the sun rise makes me happy.
 I took the opportunity to go with hubby on a work road trip to a farm with some spectacular scenery! That made me happy!
 White space makes me happy.
This dog makes me happy!

 Project Life, making photo books and ampersands make me happy!

This boy showing me things on You Tube makes me happy:)

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Design A pages
Becky Higgins Midnight Edition
Paislee Press elements from multiple kits
Ali Edwards "good day//bad day" (part of Hello Story course

My photos for Week 46 arrived but I'm not happy with the printing of one so having redone.  Hope to have that to post early next week.

Happy Friday!

Hello Story photo book

Thursday, November 14, 2013

At last I managed to find the inspiration to finish the last couple of pages I wanted for this book...only because they were pages a bit off topic... a letter to each of my children which I wanted to do just to round off my thoughts.

Hello Story was an eclass by Ali Edwards through Big Picture Classes over 12 weeks between July and September.  I've long been a fan of Ali Edwards work and I'm so grateful to have taken this class.

The timing for me was perfect.  I'd had this idea to make a photo book of digital layouts... an editorial style of layout rather than traditional digital scrapbook style. It was also an opportunity to get some things out of my head and onto paper.  That felt good.

It also felt SO good to see my idea for this photo book become a reality.

There was so much to work with in this class.  Ali provided so much inspiration.  There were multiple ways to address each week's task.  I found I had to get an idea and go with it.  But of course, there's so much more I could have done and I want to go back and work on more ideas.  Maybe another book?

Here's my book cover to cover.  I'll list credits at the end including a link to previous posts which show some pages in a larger format.
Cover elements from Paislee Press "From where I stand" 
Although I listed the week's topics in the introduction page, I mixed the layouts up in the final book layout to an order which felt right.
elements by Paislee Press and 'my life' by Ali Edwards (part of class)
elements by Ali Edwards (part of class) and Paislee Press

Adventure element by Paislee press
elements by Paislee Press and One Little Bird

elements by Paislee Press

Maths symbols by Ali Edwards (part of class)

elements by Paislee Press and One Little Bird
Refer previous post here

elements by Ali Edwards (class) and One Little Bird
Refer previous post here
element by Paislee Press
elements by Ali Edwards (part of class), One Little Bird & Paislee Press
More about our Hobbiton day trip here

elements by Ali Edwards (class), and One Little Bird
Refer previous post here

elements by Ali Edwards (class)
Refer previous post here

element on the right by One Little Bird
elements by Ali Edwards (class) and Paislee Press
Refer previous post here
elements by Ali Edwards (class) and Paislee Press
elements by Ali Edwards (class) and Paislee Press
I have no idea why this page looks crumpled in the photo because in reality it's not!
elements by Ali Edwards (class)

Link to all my Hello Story posts here.

I went with an A4 (8x11 inch) Hardcover portrait photo book from Snapfish. and added extra pages. They had a 60% discount special so it was a big incentive for finishing quickly!

Other links to digital supplies used:
Elements by Ali Edwards which are similar to the class freebies can be found at Designer Digitals
Paislee Press shop
One Little Bird shop

Link to my other photo books here.

Can't wait to get started on another project now!
Thanks for stopping by:)

Week in the Life 2013 photo book

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

After a few weeks where my head felt foggy, the fog cleared and I finally found the mojo to finish the last couple of pages...

So happy with the final photo book. It'll be placed in the back of my Project Life album to be viewed as part of it.

The first 4 days can be viewed in this post and this post and goes with this Week 37 spread.

Here's the rest of the book...

This is a filler card from Becky Higgins Midnight Edition.  Perfect to use on the back page.

Other supplies:
Photobook - A4 size softcover 20 page book by Snapfish
Ali Edwards Week in the Life Circles from Designer Digitals
Ali Edwards quote on last page - part of One Little Word class
Paislee Press Pictures and Words No 5 (Days of the week)
Paislee Press elements From Where I Stand

Oh yes, so, so pleased I did this project.  The extra detail recorded in one week is already amazing to look back on.

I've also just received my other photo book made from my Hello Story class work.  Here's the cover.  Will be back tomorrow to show some of the inside.  Very thrilled with it:)

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