Project Life _ Week 47

Friday, November 29, 2013

This week was the final countdown for Anna.  The day she'd been waiting for, for months.  She had a VIP ticket to Justin Bieber's Auckland concert with her 2 best friends.

Bottom right photo - official Justin Bieber Tour photo
I don't think she'll ever forget that moment.  He wanted a conversation with her, instead of just the usual 'look at the camera' pose!  It resulted in a fabulous photo and he put her in his video with about a dozen others on Twitter!   Apparently he was really sweet and they were absolutely buzzing after the concert.  He may get some bad press but it made me happy to see her this happy and excited.

Yep, it's been an awesomely exciting year for my daughter.  But she's worked really hard and has real determination.  I look to her for inspiration on the days I'm feeling flat.

Apart from that, I enjoyed some walks with my son.  I take any opportunity to spend that sort of quality time with him... even when it's boiling hot, mid afternoon.  We've had unusually hot and humid weather over the last week.

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life pages and Midnight Edition digital cards
Paislee Press digital cards and elements


  1. So my husband clicked on one of my blog commenters, and it was you, and he ended up looking at a bunch of your PL layouts. That evening he spent a good few minutes telling me how much he liked them, your use of white space, and how well your design comes together. You are his second favourite PL-er ;) Thought I should share with you; it's a huge compliment to know that a non-PL-er likes your pages.

    1. Aww, he's a keeper Caylee! That is definitely a huge compliment and I'm very honoured. Tell him thank you!


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