To December Daily... or not...

Monday, November 4, 2013

It's easy to get caught up in all the talk and beautiful images of December albums at the moment.  The blogs I read and Pinterest are full of inspiration, BUT do I want to join in or not?

Last year I had the same debate with myself and in the end, I went with a series of 6x8 page inserts which I placed within my December PL pages as my version of December Daily. You can see them here and below.  Links to products used also in this post.

My reasoning was a bit like this...

  • The lead up to Christmas from now happens in a flash and I'm not sure I'd get the album prep done
  • Do I really want an album separate to the main PL album... they wouldn't be viewed together that way
  • We have a business which gets a bit crazy leading into Christmas, coupled with end of year prizegiving, exams, kids home on study leave, Christmas functions, shopping, and going away for Christmas... yep, I'm sure my mind wouldn't be in an album preparation
  • We go away to family every Christmas
  • To be honest once we come home, for me it's summer holidays and Christmas is over.  It's down with the tree and decorations and onto summer hols
This year, my teens are probably even less cooperative with the whole Christmas preparation.

So I think I'll keep Christmas to my Project Life album and add in some inserts.  Probably not as a separate insert series like last year.  My mission will be to get whatever completed straight after Christmas.

I do have a little idea brewing, so we'll see how it pans out!  Just intending to go with the flow, keep simplicity in mind but that doesn't mean boring.

Here are a few more images of last years album which I never got around to uploading (perfect example of Christmas over/summer hols started!).
 Above were the photo cards we made for 2012.

There were a few more pages of family following this.

Also Issue 3 of JOT Magazine has just come out online.  I have a layout in the Project Life section. Here's the post with further photos of that layout. It's a fabulous read and packed with lots of inspiration.  


  1. Ha ha. I found my way to your blog tonight because I needed some December Daily inspiration and wondered what your plan would be. My approach last year was to incorporate DD in PL and it worked really well. Even when I missed a day, it wasn't a big deal. Whatever you end up doing, I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  2. Until recently I was still going through the should I / shouldn't I process. At one stage I was completely into it, and then I saw the price tags on the kits. Eugh. I can't justify it. This year would have been my first DD. I appreciate your post and your honesty so much because I'm just seeing DD and how fabulous it is on every other blog. I've started getting FOMO. I like your idea of incorporating it into Project Life. I'm going to do that too. It's a nice happy medium, because then I still get to use Liz's December kit.


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