Hello 2014... Project Life cover

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My cover is complete.  If you saw my 2013 cover (here) and thought it was similar, you'd be right!  But I liked last year's cover and I like continuity, so similar it is.  Simple + contemporary.

I was originally going to use black and gold but after so much of those colours in my Christmas pages, I'm pretty much over them for a while!  So, I decided to stay with gray and white.

I used a transparency overlay from Paislee Press magic.

These words are copied from Pinterest.  I've also seen them on a wall sculpture which I'd love to get. Love them.

I've finished my 2013 pages.  Not sure if I'll upload them because Christmas seems an eternity ago!  I may share some bits in a few days.
Thanks for stopping by:)

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  1. LOVE THIS. And I love that you were continuous with your front pages. I wish I had been continuous, and then I realised that my pages ARE actually very similar. So yay for that.


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