Project Life - Week 8

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I made a realisation last week that I wanted to mix up my Project Life a bit.  So much for the streamlined approach I intended to use at the start of the year!  That went out the window at Week 3 when I used 2 different sized pages and I've pretty much carried that on since.  When I look at the pages in my album they do have the continuity I desire though so all good.

I think the key for me to stay passionate and on top of this project is to go with my feelings and try out new ideas.

For this week I wanted to record the story of Shelby's on-going leg problem, so made the right side about that.

My mind is spinning around with ideas for a new project/album which will be an extension of my OLW - just something creative I can work on.  I just can't settle on the size though.  Just when I think I've decided I change my mind.  Argh!  I drive myself crazy.  Too much of a thinker.  Somebody help me!  Hope to make a post with firm decisions soon.

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Becky Higgins page protectors
Becky Higgins Midnight Edition filler card
Paislee Press Journaling card and digital elements
Ali Edwards digital words

Project Life - Week 7

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm really happy with how week 7 came together.  I decided to be generous with space this week and add an 8.5x11 insert because I knew we were going away for the weekend and I thought I'd take heaps of photos.  Also Ian had been away on business and I wanted to add some of his photos to represent his story as well. (it turned out his phone died on his trip and so I haven't printed the lovely sunset enlargement from his phone yet.  It will go on the back of the insert). Incidentally, I think I might be using more of this size insert and wishing I'd gone for this size PL for this year.  It's the size I used to scrapbook.  Unfortunately I'll have to source divided pages from overseas if I'm to go that way.  Just adds more expense.

It also gave me the opportunity to add some of my thoughts...

and some of my brush script practice...

a candid moment captured

and a quote that's 'talking' to me at the moment!

As each week comes to a close, I frequently wonder how I'll find enough interesting things to make even 1 page for the following week!  Does anyone else think like that?  My life seems pretty ordinary, and seems to pretty much follow a routine of home, work at home, walk, school life for the kids.

When I look back through my albums, I'm so glad I started Project Life because it proves that every week, my life is actually pretty full.  My kids may not always be obliging with photos, but I find a way to record them.  It's made me think outside the box.  Without PL, I would simply not record little moments.  Our 'everyday' which is as important as the big events, would probably go largely unrecorded and that would be pretty sad.

And with that said, I'm busting to start another project alongside this one.  Feeling creative and feeling the mojo:)  It might just involve an 8.5 x 11 format.

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life  page protectors Design A and 8.5x11 + Midnight Edition
Paislee Press Week in Review card and digital elements
Ali Edwards digital elements
One Little Bird digital elements (Candid)

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Project Life - week 6

Friday, February 14, 2014

This was a weird old week - so many things went wrong - from my oven going bung to Shelby needing a small operation on her leg.  A lot of nuisance stuff and money needing to be spent.  I was feeling quite resentful.
And then I found out that a friend's 9 year old son has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, has already lost his sight and may be comatose in a year!  That put life in perspective immediately and my problems became insignificant immediately.  I feel heartbroken for them.  They were delivered this news 2 days after the birth of their new baby. But really, doesn't this sum up why we scrapbook/memory keep?  Those memories need to be collected somewhere because none of us knows what may be around the corner.
click to enlarge photos

I seemed to have an odd assortment of photos and subjects for the week.  Just as I was wondering how to pull it all together, along came a new kit from Paislee Press which had some perfect elements!

 Some of my lesson practice for the Life Scripted class.
Gorgeous smelling soaps from Tahiti.  How do we preserve their smell:)
In my previous post I also said I was having a 12x12 printed to sit alongside week 5:
This tells the story of Shelby's little op and how the blood tests show she has very high cholesterol... despite being on a special canine low fat diet due to having pancreatitis!
Here's how it looks in the album.  Sorry, not the best photo.
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Becky Higgins Project Life Page Protectors
Becky Higgins  digital journaling cards from Midnight and Seafoam editions
Paislee Press digital supplies
Ali Edwards digital products

Project Life - Week 5

Thursday, February 6, 2014

We were still in Pauanui for the first 2 days of week 5 so most of the left side relates to that.  Just 1 (sneaky) photo of my son in the DVD store on our return home.
The chevron card was made using One Little Bird digital paper. An Ali Edwards digital quote.  Loved the Keep calm print in the bedroom of the bach:)
It wasn't the best of weeks but I've tried to keep it simple and positive. Onwards and upwards:)

The right side full photo is really part of week 6 and will have text added when the full story is known later this week.  Shelby had a lump on her leg/elbow which suddenly turned into an infected mess.  She's having an operation on Friday to either remove it or decide what to do with it!  Feeling a little apprehensive about this.  I loved this photo I captured of Anna with her after our return from the vet.  It goes with my 'capture the moment' OLW too.

Will post a photo once the text has been added and photo printed.

Supplies used:
Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Page Protectors
Becky Higgins  It's a Man's World digital cards
Paislee Press digital supplies
Ali Edwards digital word stamps & quote
One Little Bird digital paper used to make chevron filler card

Meanwhile I signed up at the last minute to do Studio Calico's Life scripted class.  It's been a mission trying to source the correct brushes here in New Zealand last minute.  I gathered up a few script brushes and have to say I'm finding it hard work.  So I pulled out my tiny brushes I used for design work at art school many moons ago.  Gouache was my medium of choice back then so it's been a bit like riding a bike.  It's all coming back with the little brushes.  I have more of a calligraphy style of writing so maybe that's meant to be?  I'll keep practicing.  Kal Barteski is such a cool tutor and her script is to die for.

Project Life Weeks 3 & 4

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finally got my photo order.  I prefer to order online rather than get a photo printer at home, but seriously... they are sometimes sooo slow and then I'm sometimes not so happy with the prints.  Like today.  All my 6 x 4s are matt and I ordered glossy, but I'm rolling with them.  They took a week to have processed!

Okay, so Week 3 was the week before our holiday and the weather was best described as variable! Considering it's mid summer and all!   I decided to go with just beach photos and journaling about what living by the beach and my daily walks means to me.

You can click on photos for larger view.

Design A and H
How it looks in album with Week 4 photo behind.
Week 4 we went on holiday to Pauanui in the Coromandel.  From one beach to another!  We arrived as the weather was downgraded from a Tropical Cyclone that hit the Pacific Islands to a tropical low here.  It was wild and windy the first day and variable after that but we had an amazing time.

As usual I took a heap of photos, both on my DSLR and iPhone.  Problem was what to use in my pages so I decided on 3 sets of pages:
This simply captured the beach on a windy day, on an awesome day and the bach we hired.  (In NZ, a bach is what we call a beach house).

I created an 8x8 collage to place on the back side of the 12x12 photo.  These are just moments and photos which remind us of good times and were better grouped than singular.

Last pages and a simple summary of moments to remember.

I can't believe we've been home a week already.  I just want to go back to the pace of life there. Meanwhile back here, it's been not such a great week - my oven went BANG and is now very dead!  My son's laptop needs major surgery, the dog has to have an op on a lump on her leg on Friday and so it goes on...

Will be back soon with week 5 to share.

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Page Protectors
Becky Higgins Midnight Edition digital cards
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