Project Life - week 6

Friday, February 14, 2014

This was a weird old week - so many things went wrong - from my oven going bung to Shelby needing a small operation on her leg.  A lot of nuisance stuff and money needing to be spent.  I was feeling quite resentful.
And then I found out that a friend's 9 year old son has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, has already lost his sight and may be comatose in a year!  That put life in perspective immediately and my problems became insignificant immediately.  I feel heartbroken for them.  They were delivered this news 2 days after the birth of their new baby. But really, doesn't this sum up why we scrapbook/memory keep?  Those memories need to be collected somewhere because none of us knows what may be around the corner.
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I seemed to have an odd assortment of photos and subjects for the week.  Just as I was wondering how to pull it all together, along came a new kit from Paislee Press which had some perfect elements!

 Some of my lesson practice for the Life Scripted class.
Gorgeous smelling soaps from Tahiti.  How do we preserve their smell:)
In my previous post I also said I was having a 12x12 printed to sit alongside week 5:
This tells the story of Shelby's little op and how the blood tests show she has very high cholesterol... despite being on a special canine low fat diet due to having pancreatitis!
Here's how it looks in the album.  Sorry, not the best photo.
Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Page Protectors
Becky Higgins  digital journaling cards from Midnight and Seafoam editions
Paislee Press digital supplies
Ali Edwards digital products


  1. Love love love your PL pages. Brilliant work. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Susan:) I really appreciate those lovely words!

  2. Love your pages. I found you through Pintrest, and I had to look at that wonderful 12 x 12 layout in your PL with your dog!
    I have a Border Collie and I love to see these type of photos. Sorry to hear he has issues. Have you tried any other type of food? After my last BC passed away from cancer at age 6, I read a lot of what to feed your dog and with my current dog, I have switched to a natural diet (I feed him Castor & Pollux, but there are many others). My favorite book is by Ted Kerasote called "Pukka's Promise." Sorry if I passed on too much information, but if I can help someone out I like to do it!

    1. Hi Cari! Lovely to hear from another BC lover. Shelby was diagnosed with pancreatitis some time ago and we've had her on a natural, special vet diet since then, so mystified about the cholesterol issue! She is also on steroids for an itching problem with her skin. Unfortunately they are not good for her system but we can't wean her completely off them. Border Collies are awesome though huh? Thanks for stopping by.


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