Project Life - Week 7

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm really happy with how week 7 came together.  I decided to be generous with space this week and add an 8.5x11 insert because I knew we were going away for the weekend and I thought I'd take heaps of photos.  Also Ian had been away on business and I wanted to add some of his photos to represent his story as well. (it turned out his phone died on his trip and so I haven't printed the lovely sunset enlargement from his phone yet.  It will go on the back of the insert). Incidentally, I think I might be using more of this size insert and wishing I'd gone for this size PL for this year.  It's the size I used to scrapbook.  Unfortunately I'll have to source divided pages from overseas if I'm to go that way.  Just adds more expense.

It also gave me the opportunity to add some of my thoughts...

and some of my brush script practice...

a candid moment captured

and a quote that's 'talking' to me at the moment!

As each week comes to a close, I frequently wonder how I'll find enough interesting things to make even 1 page for the following week!  Does anyone else think like that?  My life seems pretty ordinary, and seems to pretty much follow a routine of home, work at home, walk, school life for the kids.

When I look back through my albums, I'm so glad I started Project Life because it proves that every week, my life is actually pretty full.  My kids may not always be obliging with photos, but I find a way to record them.  It's made me think outside the box.  Without PL, I would simply not record little moments.  Our 'everyday' which is as important as the big events, would probably go largely unrecorded and that would be pretty sad.

And with that said, I'm busting to start another project alongside this one.  Feeling creative and feeling the mojo:)  It might just involve an 8.5 x 11 format.

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life  page protectors Design A and 8.5x11 + Midnight Edition
Paislee Press Week in Review card and digital elements
Ali Edwards digital elements
One Little Bird digital elements (Candid)

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  1. Love your pages. Yes I do feel like there is sometimes no story to tell and its all a bit boring but I couldn't not do it. LOL. Its interesting gathering up everyone elses stories to add to it too and am printing off more screen shots from my computer this year for the photos that didn't get taken.

  2. I love your week! the pictures are really beautiful!
    I agree with you. I think my life is pretty ordinary, but when I look back trough my albums I appreciate these little moments which without Project Life I would have forgotten.
    Regards from Spain! ♥


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