One Little Word 2014 update

Saturday, March 8, 2014

This is my second year doing One Little Word.  Last year I felt my way along with it, if that makes sense.  I let it guide my process with everything and felt so much satisfaction.  My word was simplicity and it gives me such a clear head space when I have that in my life.

This year my word moment has come racing at me in every direction.  It got so overwhelming that I had to try and narrow down my focus and how I would approach this word.  I talked about this process here.

I have to say that after January I decided to just go along with however this word impacted my life.  This was possible because of the intentions Ali had us create in January and the Action Plan I set.

It's strange and so cool how, with a class like this which gives you the focus to put things in place, that one word can direct you... if you want it to and if you let it.

I notice so many things I would call a moment.  I strive to be more present in the moment.  Probably one of the things I've actively put in place is taking a moment - time out where I can think, write down ideas, clear my head.  Whatever is needed at the time.  Some days I sit at the beach down the road and just stare out at the sea for a minute.
And then there are the projects.  I created this vision board from a prompt and with inspiration from Ali Edwards.  It came together really quickly and I absolutely loved the process and I love the result.  It's now hanging above my desk so it can impact on me each day and I'm in the process of creating something for the adjacent wall.  So many ideas.  I'm very conscious of one of my intentions - seize the moment.  I need to focus and run with some of that inspiration!

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One Little Word is a class run by Ali Edwards.


  1. I really like your vision board. I also really like seeing where your word is taking you. This is my first year doing OLW and I'm surprised at how much growth I've seen in everyone (myself included) in only two months and a bit. It can be a totally generic word in the beginning, and over time it just turns magical. I like that you take moments. What a wonderful way of putting it. Of course, I can apply this to my own word. You've really inspired me to be *deliberate* about my moments, and instead of just noticing when they happen (which is beautiful enough), to actually take a few moments for myself.

  2. Thank you Caylee! So pleased to hear how you can use this as inspiration! OLW is working magic alright:)


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