Project Life - Week 11

Saturday, March 22, 2014

After much {too much} deliberation + messing about with different sized pages for weeks, I have decided to trial 8.5 x 11 for a while.
(which Ali Edwards word art to use?  This photo called for a word scramble:)

It wasn't an easy decision.  There were so many negatives running through my head - the logistics of this size is not so simple in NZ.  We work in A4 which is narrower and longer than US letter size.  Printing larger collages is expensive here and it's much harder and more expensive to source divided plastics and albums this size here.

So why do it?  I've had a vision of this portrait orientation and size for ages. I used to scrap this size the last few years I scrapbooked in traditional style.  I like the smaller format.  I like a design challenge!  I decided if I could list 5 good reasons, then I'd go with it.  I did, so I am:)  The rest will sort itself out as I go.

I'm just annoyed that I didn't bite the bullet at the start of the year. If it doesn't work out, I'll just revert to 12x12.

So far I'm loving it.  I'm looking forward to completing the next few weeks.  I have ideas for some weeks more photos, sometimes extra stories added in, some collages, some divided pages..My divided page protectors have arrived from USA.  Thanks for a great service Looking forward to experimenting.  I think for now I'll keep a weekly format plus extras where I can group the photos in what I feel is a more logical way, if that makes sense?

During this week there was much hype about Tropical Cyclone Lusi hitting NZ Friday night after causing havoc in Vanuatu. We woke up to an amazing sunrise Friday. This was honestly the most amazing sunrise I've ever seen.  The reality was so much more dramatic than the photos I took.  The sky was on fire.  But 'red in the morning, shepherd's warning'... we were worried about what was coming! However, it was all a bit of an anti climax - thankfully.  There was damage elsewhere.  It was a wild and windy day with some rain, but nothing like we expected.

So far, I love the clean simplicity.  I'm sure I will mix things up in the weeks to come!

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins page protectors
Ali Edwards digital words
Paislee Press digital elements


  1. It's looking great so far! Good luck with the new format. It's awesome how everyone chooses the size and style that's best for them. It makes for such great variety of inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've always done project life in A4 and for me it's the perfect format. It looks great! I love it! Thank you for sharing ♥

    1. Thanks Cristina. Just adjusting from mainly landscape orientation to portrait but so far, all good:)

  3. That photo on the left... no words. Nature is so stunning.

  4. Donna ! I've been lusting after a change in size for some time now. South Africa uses A4 too and that was my front runner. It makes it SO easy for printing. I redid a few old weeks in A4 size and when I compared they looked so similar. Although, this could also be because of using weeks I'd already done. It is so quick to get this size together.

    Why are you choosing 8.5 x 11 instead of A4 ? Is it because of the albums ? What are you doing for page protectors ? I found A4 trading card protectors in my country which have nine pockets. They are glorious. They are used for Magic the Gathering cards and I found them at a games shop. I'd love to know more details about this size.

    1. Hi Caylee. I've gone this size for the albums. I can get full PP here but had to source 9 pocket ones from USA (the postage was... gulp... steep). I can print A3 at home so can print full pages, but I have my photos printed elsewhere. 8 x 10 is not so badly priced and I adhere to cardstock and it leaves a white border. I may get some full page photos if they are very special but for the budget will have to be careful. It sure isn't as simple as 6x4 pockets!! But enjoying the challenge. Look forward to seeing yours:)

    2. Thanks for sharing. I get excited when there is something available in South Africa that isn't available elsewhere. It rarely happens :) Look forward to seeing more of this size of yours.

  5. Hi from the uk:)

    Please could you do some more posts on A4 Project Life/scrapbooks?

    As you probably know, we also use A4 in the uk. I tried 12 x 12 once but didn't like it all.

    I actually can't afford proper scrapbook albums etc, so use arch files etc from WH smith & Rymans. They do a lot of acid-free page protectors etc.

    It's so nice to go into Smiths etc & buy & use items for my memory books.

    1. Hi Julie. It would be my pleasure to do this. I'll work on that soon. Always love to get queries. Thanks for stopping by. PS - We're very excited to be welcoming the Royals in NZ today:)


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