Project Life - Week 9

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A cool change has definitely arrived with March.  It's still mild and pretty warm but the mornings are much cooler these last few days and we're reaching for another layer.  I even dragged out my slippers!  I think we'll still get some really hot days though.  Summer can't be over yet!

Not many photos this week so I chose to enlarge this gorgeous hibiscus flower I snapped with my iphone on my walk.  I'm glad I managed to get a few school uniform photos even if one child refused to face me for a photo!

I was ecstatic to find that Tip Top reintroduced the Strawberry Toppa for summer.  I should start the campaign to bring them back for good.  They have always been a favourite.  Yum!
All in all, simple and done...

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins page protectors
Becky Higgins Midnight Edition journaling card
Paislee Press digital cards and elements
Ali Edwards digital words

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  1. I'm going with simple and done for mine too. I think we skipped autumn and have gone straight to winter here :)

  2. I love how bright this spread is. The ice cream is my favourite for this week, and the you are magic. It's starting to get cold here too. I've also whipped out my slippers. I stick by the fact that it gets colder in Johannesburg than it does in Germany purely because we don't have heating, so if it's cold outside it's sure as anything cold inside.

  3. Love your spread. Especially the enlargement of that flower. And whenever I see a spread without rounded corners I always think it looks so clean and nice. S
    o strange to read "hello autumn" in march. For us here in Switzerland is march the beginning of spring :)


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