Project Life - Week 15

Friday, April 18, 2014

This last couple of weeks I've really been questioning why I'm sticking to the weekly format.  I've been around in circles and almost decided to just go with the flow, until yesterday.
The quote relates to our OLW prompt this month which I've been thinking about a lot.

I was talking to my husband about the date our lovely elderly (nearly 102 yrs old) neighbour passed away last year and I found myself flicking back through my 2013 album. Then I looked at week 16 of that year and it was funny how some of the events were almost identical to this week! What I actually find the most interesting are the written journal notes and stories. Of course the photos back up the stories, or tell a story of their own.
My special model sat as directed in front of this funky tiled wall I walk past nearly every day. It's part of the local Arts Centre.
It was a reminder to me that although I've changed size of pages, I should still record what I think is relevant. Of course I have no idea if anyone is going to want to read these snippets in years to come!

Next year may be a different story. At least I'll have a couple of years of weekly life documented though. Next week we're off on an adventure...and I'm going to break out the 9 pocket pages...ha!

It's Good Friday here today. Happy Easter to all:)

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins page protectors and Midnight Edition digital filler card
Paislee Press digital elements
Ali Edwards digital elements


  1. This is my first time over to your blog and I must say I really love your layout of your project life. It's simple yet so effective, I love it!

  2. Oh yes, people will read it! My girls (18 & 19) still love to look through my album and say 'remember when...'. Like you, I went all around the idea of moving away from 'weeks' but I found that I like to keep things organized by week for reference sake. Also, I like seeing the relationship of what is happening in a week, like the house is decorated as such because I was hosting Easter dinner, or while my daughter was studying for exams we were eating a lot of salads! I also want to say that I love the simple streamlined look of your pages. And those grids...!!


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