OLW and a winter photography project

Friday, May 30, 2014

'bye autumn!
Winter is closing in on us here in new Zealand. It's my least favourite season. I hate being cold, hate waking up on cold mornings and all that goes with cold. Fortunately in Auckland, winter is usually quite mild compared to further down the country. There is no snow and if it does rain, it doesn't tend to last for days on end. That's all sounding very positive of me isn't it?
earlier this week - sunrise over the sea and a 2 degree C frosty start

Part of what I wanted to explore with my OLW moment this year was to capture the moment. Then I got to thinking about Nicholas's photography assignment at school which is making a photo essay. One thought lead to another as I wondered how I'd approach their brief.

I decided to set my own assignment to capture the magic of winter. That will force me to find the positive. There won't be the magical snow and ice shots you see when you google the topic. But it will force me to really look harder and appreciate more of my winter. It also ties in with being in the moment which is something I've been researching lately.

I'm really looking forward to getting out and about and using my SLR more. I'm also thinking about doing this iphonography course. I did this last year and loved the challenges to stretch my imagination. This year I've upgraded to iphone 5s and love the camera and am keen to learn all its tips and tricks, although I've already found some good free blog posts here and here.

Roll on Sunday and the official start of winter! It's a long weekend here to celebrate the Queen's Birthday and we have plans for a day trip if the weather cooperates:) Happy weekend to you all.

PS: I'll be sharing some of my photos on instagram and will post some progress here as I get into it.

Project Life - Week 20

Friday, May 23, 2014

Well that week zoomed by, and this week is well on it's way too!

It's no secret that I love photographing flowers... I think I inherited the love of flowers/plants/gardens from my parents, who are avid gardeners and dad has even received a city award for his services to horticulture.  I've realised my love is not actually getting in and getting my hands dirty though... I much prefer the designing and the photographing... oh well, each to their own.

I'm also lucky that we live in a pretty moderate climate and there's always something pretty flowering around here, like those gorgeous pink flowers just hanging over a neighbour's fence.

This week I just felt like going a bit brighter so I purchased the Sunshine edition filler cards of Project life. I think I'm a bit in love! Why didn't I get it earlier?
I purchased some new succulents and a bromeliad at the Sunday markets too.

This current week has been a busy one with Anna's birthday in the mix and it's proving a bit of a design challenge!

Supplies used:
We R Memory Keepers 9 pocket pages
Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight and Sunshine Editions (digital)
Ali Edwards digital elements
Paislee Press Week in Review card
My brush script made into a filler card

Project Life - Week 19

Monday, May 19, 2014

After our holiday, life returned to regular here with lots of catching up on work, school Term 2 starting and unpacking, washing clothes and generally trying to accept that the weather is closing in and winter is almost upon us.

I didn't take many photos during the week, but what I found as I was editing holiday photos, were some gems of N + A. Also, on social media, people were doing A Day in the Life. I decided that instead of that, I would dedicate this week to Mother's Day.

The left side had to be a collage so I used photos from our day over at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour on Sunday. Some were taken by Nicholas. He was photographing for a school assignment.

The right side worked out well for the Australia photos. I treasure these so much because it's pretty hard to get Nicholas in photos these days and he looked so relaxed and happy in the bottom ones. Actually they were really funny taking those.  Anna was trying to teach him how to smile/"smize" and the conversation turned to selfies... in particular 'duck face' selfies. He just doesn't get why teen girls take those!!

I also included a handwritten quote which I made (and will blog about later in the week as it's for something special).
Thanks for stopping by:)

Supplies used:
W R memory Keepers 9 pocket page
Becky Higgins Project Life page
Paislee Press kits - eternal sunshine, say yes to and sunny days
Ali Edwards digital - handwritten days

Project Life - Holiday pages - Part 2

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The second set of pages for our Gold Coast trip I devoted to the views from our room/apartment. We'd searched high and low for a good price on a 3 bedroom place so both kids could have their own space, especially important for Nicholas who has noise sensitivities with ASD. I was a little anxious about how everything would work out on this trip and had prepared myself  that we may not have great accommodation.

We were gobsmacked when we walked into our 41st floor apartment! 3 balconies, the sea one side and canals around us.  It was breathtaking any time of day or night. I took so many photos, obsessed with capturing the light on the water and the twinkling lights at night.

On ANZAC Day, we even had grandstand seats to a fireworks display down on the beach.

It was hard to narrow the photos down but I kept reminding myself I can include more in my photo book yet to be made.
Looking at these photos, I miss that place so much. The apartment layout worked so well for us.  Nicholas had a room with a small hallway entrance (and much to Anna's displeasure, the best bathroom and biggest wardrobe!), but it was perfect for him to have his quiet times. Small compromise from the rest of us for peace.

Next up, just finishing the pages about our theme park adventures!

Supplies used:
We R Memory Keepers 9 pocket page
Becky Higgins page
Paislee Press - about us digital kit
Ali Edwards - Glorius Moments digital element
Sugarplum Paperie - overlay

Project Life - Holiday pages - Part 1

Friday, May 16, 2014

Over weeks 17 and 18 we spent a week at the Gold Coast in Australia... an awesome week! In lieu of weekly pages for these weeks, I decided to do a series of pages of our holiday.  Of the hundreds of photos we took between us, I finally narrowed it down to enough to fill 3 sets of pages and decided that I'll make a more comprehensive photo book later.

Ah, but what to cover in those pages? When I thought about how I'd summarise our holiday, it came down to our visits to the theme parks, favourite photos of us and out and about, and the awesome view from our hotel room. After that, it was relatively easy - I selected the best photos to fill the spaces and represent our memories of those things.

As always, for me the photos need to take centre stage. I love digital elements but also I love clean and simple, so it's always a matter of balance.  Add, subtract, add, subtract until I get the right feeling about it.
For the first set of pages I went with 9 pocket pages and focused on a few favourite photos to sum up the general feeling of the place, us, and out around the hotel in Surfer's Paradise.

I purchased a couple of new kits from Paislee Press which worked perfectly to add enough colour and elements.

Our apartment was waaay up in that tower - 41st floor! I'll post soon with my pages devoted to the superb views.
Supplies used:
We R Memory Keepers 8.5 x 11 pages
Paislee Press digital kits - Sunny days and Say yes to
Ali Edwards digital elements - Leaving on a jet plane

Project Life - Week 16

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Some weeks I take few photos. Week 16 was one of those and although I could have made a 2 page spread I decided that one page was enough as I knew the following few weeks of holiday would generate more than normal. I also switched some pages in the album around and this now sits alongside the page of my son from a few weeks earlier.  Doesn't worry me at all that it's slightly out of chronological order.

Around this time I'd just purchased the new 'sunny days' kit from Paislee Press which worked perfectly for this page.  I was also thrilled that my instagram photo of progress on this page was listed on the Paislee Press blog in their monthly round up.

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life page protector
Paislee Press filler cards and journaling cards
Ali Edwards digital stamp

Out & About - a photo walk

Thursday, May 8, 2014

This morning I was discussing with Mr 16 his photography assignment.  It's hard at the best of times to get much information out of him but I gather they have to take a sequence of photos and present as a photo story.

That sort of assignment would be right up my alley! I got to thinking on the drive home from school drop off that it's been a while since I took a series of photos.

So, in honour of National Photography month (apparently), I took my phone with me on my morning walk.  It's just too hard juggling my DSLR with a dog on a lead.  I reserve that for days I walk with someone else. My iphone does a great job anyway.  I can't tell you how much I love it!

It was a gorgeous morning - fresh sun after lots of rain earlier. I loved the plants dripping wet and the colours of Autumn.

It's something I'm going to do on a regular basis and I'm looking forward to seeing how Mr 16 interprets his assignment.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

It feels like ages since I stepped away from my laptop and spent a fabulous week on the Gold Coast in Australia re-energising!

While there I tried to limit my internet use to the occasional Instagram peeks and that certainly got easier as the week went by.  I have so many photos to download off everyone's devices and then the task of trying to decide how to memory keep them... It'll most likely be some PL pages and a photo book.
view from bed!

As I edit these photos, I've relived the couple of theme park rides I stepped entirely out of my comfort zone to do!!!  All I can remember, apart from wondering how long the torture was going to last, is my daughter asking me over and over "Mum, are you alright?". I can cross that off my bucket list - oh, actually it was never on there.  But I'm proud I faced my fear. This photo involved going down through water from a great height and we got pretty wet!
The Storm ride at Sea World
My son got his confidence at Movie World and went on the Batwing which involves dangling legs and being shot up to a great height really fast.  I just couldn't do it. He's now on a mission to conquer some more extreme roller coaster rides.

So now we're back down to earth.  The temperature at home is much cooler and I found I seemed to be the only one in shorts and short sleeves at the supermarket today!

Hopefully I'll be back soon to share some pages once I solve the problem of too many memories and too few pockets:)

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