Thursday, May 1, 2014

It feels like ages since I stepped away from my laptop and spent a fabulous week on the Gold Coast in Australia re-energising!

While there I tried to limit my internet use to the occasional Instagram peeks and that certainly got easier as the week went by.  I have so many photos to download off everyone's devices and then the task of trying to decide how to memory keep them... It'll most likely be some PL pages and a photo book.
view from bed!

As I edit these photos, I've relived the couple of theme park rides I stepped entirely out of my comfort zone to do!!!  All I can remember, apart from wondering how long the torture was going to last, is my daughter asking me over and over "Mum, are you alright?". I can cross that off my bucket list - oh, actually it was never on there.  But I'm proud I faced my fear. This photo involved going down through water from a great height and we got pretty wet!
The Storm ride at Sea World
My son got his confidence at Movie World and went on the Batwing which involves dangling legs and being shot up to a great height really fast.  I just couldn't do it. He's now on a mission to conquer some more extreme roller coaster rides.

So now we're back down to earth.  The temperature at home is much cooler and I found I seemed to be the only one in shorts and short sleeves at the supermarket today!

Hopefully I'll be back soon to share some pages once I solve the problem of too many memories and too few pockets:)

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  1. We aren't long back from the Gold Coast either and have done my PL pages and now just sorting photos for a book. You were brave going on that Storm ride - we saw how wet people were getting off it. LOL


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