OLW and a winter photography project

Friday, May 30, 2014

'bye autumn!
Winter is closing in on us here in new Zealand. It's my least favourite season. I hate being cold, hate waking up on cold mornings and all that goes with cold. Fortunately in Auckland, winter is usually quite mild compared to further down the country. There is no snow and if it does rain, it doesn't tend to last for days on end. That's all sounding very positive of me isn't it?
earlier this week - sunrise over the sea and a 2 degree C frosty start

Part of what I wanted to explore with my OLW moment this year was to capture the moment. Then I got to thinking about Nicholas's photography assignment at school which is making a photo essay. One thought lead to another as I wondered how I'd approach their brief.

I decided to set my own assignment to capture the magic of winter. That will force me to find the positive. There won't be the magical snow and ice shots you see when you google the topic. But it will force me to really look harder and appreciate more of my winter. It also ties in with being in the moment which is something I've been researching lately.

I'm really looking forward to getting out and about and using my SLR more. I'm also thinking about doing this iphonography course. I did this last year and loved the challenges to stretch my imagination. This year I've upgraded to iphone 5s and love the camera and am keen to learn all its tips and tricks, although I've already found some good free blog posts here and here.

Roll on Sunday and the official start of winter! It's a long weekend here to celebrate the Queen's Birthday and we have plans for a day trip if the weather cooperates:) Happy weekend to you all.

PS: I'll be sharing some of my photos on instagram and will post some progress here as I get into it.


  1. Great challenge. Winter is my favourite, it's when T and I fell in love so for me it truly is magical.

  2. Can you direct me to more posts on your script handwriting, do you explain how you created it?

  3. Such a great idea! Im very bad at embracing winter time, Ill have to remember this when it comes around again!


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