Project Life - Week 19

Monday, May 19, 2014

After our holiday, life returned to regular here with lots of catching up on work, school Term 2 starting and unpacking, washing clothes and generally trying to accept that the weather is closing in and winter is almost upon us.

I didn't take many photos during the week, but what I found as I was editing holiday photos, were some gems of N + A. Also, on social media, people were doing A Day in the Life. I decided that instead of that, I would dedicate this week to Mother's Day.

The left side had to be a collage so I used photos from our day over at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour on Sunday. Some were taken by Nicholas. He was photographing for a school assignment.

The right side worked out well for the Australia photos. I treasure these so much because it's pretty hard to get Nicholas in photos these days and he looked so relaxed and happy in the bottom ones. Actually they were really funny taking those.  Anna was trying to teach him how to smile/"smize" and the conversation turned to selfies... in particular 'duck face' selfies. He just doesn't get why teen girls take those!!

I also included a handwritten quote which I made (and will blog about later in the week as it's for something special).
Thanks for stopping by:)

Supplies used:
W R memory Keepers 9 pocket page
Becky Higgins Project Life page
Paislee Press kits - eternal sunshine, say yes to and sunny days
Ali Edwards digital - handwritten days


  1. Donna I LOVE that handwritted quote. Will you please share it as a freebie ?

  2. I agree! That quote is beautiful! Please share! And I just love looking at your photos! Were planning a new zealand trip over Christmas, so Ill have to get your recommendations!


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