Regaining my creative mojo

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I knew there would come a time when real life events sapped my creative energy. In the dark depths of winter, it happened. One of my solutions is to have something simple to focus on. This winter, enter my winter magic project.  It came about as a result of 2 things:
1. my OLW for this year ... moment. Part of living in the moment is to take time to really look at what's around you and to take notice of the little things.
2. Winter is my least favourite season and I wanted a way to appreciate it more. After all it takes up 1/4 of my life!

It's become part of my every day now to seek out the magic, or the beauty in my days. Some images I share on Instagram. I'm working on a design for a photo book as I slowly regain my creative mojo!
1 page for my 8x8 photo book

Somewhere along the way, I seemed to lose my project life mojo though. I surprise myself sometimes. For someone who claims to be pretty organised and loves continuity, this year I have wavered all over the place with this project. I love the look of my 8.5 x 11 pages but sometimes I miss the ease of landscape orientation 6x4 pockets. So, on a whim, I designed a few 12x12 pages again... I know. My album is a real mixture. And I'm perfectly fine with that. This will be the year of experimentation!

I've said before that for me, much of the joy in project life is designing the pages. I took some time to go back and look through last year's album. I love it but the last thing I want is another album with the same regular stuff. I noticed a repeat of the same things in the same weeks each year! So, while change was afoot, I decided to abandon weekly spreads. Just accepting that it was okay to do this made me feel energized again. It's enlightening to find creative ways to catch up as well as stay enthusiastic!

I'm just finishing a series of pages for July which I'll share soon. Thanks for stopping by:)

Donna xx


  1. Experimentation is perfectly fine. The point is that we keep keeping those memories and treasuring them. Doesn't matter if they are in ten differently sized albums.


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