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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This is going to be a photo heavy post, so I'll attempt to keep my blurb to the main points! Grab yourself a drink and I hope you enjoy the results (and can see the magic) of my little challenge aka #donnaswintermagicproject on my Instagram account.

W H A T : A 40 page photo book of winter magic captured and a little created by me. I left it mostly to the photos with minimal other elements.

W H Y : It came about as a result of 3 things...

  1. Winter was approaching fast and I had that familiar feeling of gloom as it's my least favourite season.
  2. My son was talking to me about his photography project for his school assignment and I was intrigued so decided to start my own project as a way of finding the positive in a sort of negative situation for me.
  3. I've spoken before about my research into living in the moment as part of my OLW moment. One thing it encourages is to look at the things around you... really look at them.  I can honestly say that I've learned to find beauty or joy in the simple things around me.
W H E R E : Most images were taken in my neighbourhood on Auckland's North Shore on my daily walks. A few pages were from my trip to see my parents In New Plymouth. I talked about that in this post.

H O W: The majority of photos were taken with my iPhone 5S and the others with my Canon DSLR. I love both cameras, but I am so impressed with the captures from my phone camera which I have with me out walking. For me it's a valuable tool and I feel it's worth the price for the convenience of the camera alone.

W H O : I used Artifact Uprising to print my book. I'm beyond thrilled with the results! I've followed them for some time and only read good things about their products. I love their philosophy and so, despite being more expensive than having printed in NZ, I decided to give them a try. Their site is so easy to use and the service and product, I can't fault. I'm very happy and will be using them again for sure.

This project ticked so many positive boxes for me. It married together a few things I'm passionate about and has helped me to clarify a few ideas for moving forward:)

And so here it is...
Thanks for visiting:) 


  1. Oh wow it looks fantastic all put together as a book. Wonder now if you are going to do a spring one?? :)

    1. Thanks Vicki! No, no spring book. I think I'd get bored repeating the same subject. I'm doing a course in Sept so that should help fill the void.

  2. I always LOVE LOVE LOVE Donna photo books. This is so amazing. Off to pin every page.

  3. Love your book. What software did you use to design it?

    1. Hi and thank you. It was mostly all uploaded from photos straight into Artifact Uprising's book layout templates. A few pages I made in PS first and they were saved as JPGs in the page size and uploaded as above, Hope that helps.

  4. I love your book! I also just created a book with Artifact Uprising and I loved ordering through them as well (:


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