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Friday, September 5, 2014

As soon as I saw this class advertised I signed up because I believed it would be the perfect time to try and collate my current story in one place. I was pleasantly surprised to receive some free goodies in the mail from Studio Calico and my original thoughts were to revert to a more scrap-book style for this project - maybe more embellishing...

Once I'd watched the video for the first lesson, I got a bit panicky! I suddenly couldn't see myself using the freebies I'd got. Gorgeous as they are (and I'd have loved using them in days gone by), I suddenly realised that's not what I'm about any more. I had to restore my thinking to what I love - clean and simple lines. It was a sense of relief that I could go about this album in my own way. After all, this is about me, by me and to be a glimpse at me and who I am/was in the future.

So, lesson learnt, it took me days to fluff around deciding how to start. I saw this gorgeous album by Caylee on the Paislee Press blog. Just a few weeks ago I was trying some vellum printing and was peeved it wasn't coming out well, so this inspired me to have another go. Our latest printer doesn't have a transparency setting and now I realise that I was using too much ink. Once I set it on Fast Economy, it came out perfect!

I love the 6x8 size for this. I'm using a Becky Higgins album I purchased from Craft House here.

I've sorted out the next few pages, so will share once I have them complete.

Digital stamp by Ali Edwards

Have an awesome weekend. I hope to get some scrapping done.



    I didn't know about the ink thing. I will have to remember this when I use my own printer that's coming soon. It was a miracle the printing shop stuff worked.

  2. Ok, I am going to have to try that little trick when printing on vellum. I have had no luck either but didn't think to reduce the ink! Will be trying this...


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