The story matters, no matter how you tell it

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This week our own world famous kiwi scrapbooker, Nic Howard  hung up her paper cutting scissors for good as she's off to pursue her passion with a new career in the fitness world - which she'll totally smash, I'm sure.

Nic explained that she's lost her enthusiasm for scrapbooking as her children have got older and say less cute things as well as not being so enthusiastic being posted on the internet in their mum's work.

Oh yes, I totally get that! I've been in that place. I remember the day in 2009 when Anna announced she'd rather have her photos in slip in pockets, with none of the fancy stuff or cute sayings on it! While those words wounded me a bit, I understood completely because I'd been questioning the whole 'scrapbooking' thing anyway. I created very little in that format from that day to this apart from dabbling about with a very simplistic graphic approach.

BUT, I couldn't give it up altogether. What drew me back in was that deep in my heart, I knew the memories had to be kept. Photos on a hard drive or sitting in phone storage just don't work. As they say, get them off the device and into your life!. When I saw the Project Life system in 2012, I was ready to start over. I knew I had to keep it simple. My objective is to put the story with the photos. Or to capture the moment in words, because sometimes there is no photo. A journal of our everyday lives. Those precious little moments.

I've found that hybrid works well for me. I can store my digital supplies on my computer and paper and plastic pages in one spot. (And tangible albums to flip through have proved to be the right answer for us). No need for a huge room of stuff.  Don't think I haven't been tempted by all the beautiful supplies out there. I walked into Whitcoulls bookshop yesterday and they had some beautiful scalloped tape. I picked it up... and then made myself put it back. So close!

I mentioned in this post that I had a brain freeze when starting the Studio Calico 30 Days of Me class, until I remembered to stay true to my own style of things. It's okay to do that folks. The few classes I taught way back, I remember loving seeing how people put their own spin on things. I'm loving working on this album, now that I've found my way to spin it!  Here's a little peek. I'll make a post of the first pages when I get my photos printed later this week.

So my point with this is to find your own style, your voice. Don't worry if it's different to everyone else. If it fits you, wear it! If at the end of the day, you lose the inclination to record any of it, then that's also okay. My daughter reassured me that if I didn't get her life recorded, there was no drama! She could sort something out when she was older if she wanted to. That took all the pressure off. Now I look at anything I do as totally my project, my viewpoint, my voice. My happy place.


  1. I totally get that too. I still enjoy doing my PL pages over and above doing 12x12 pages now and am happy just to be doing something for me. :)

  2. Oh I so resonate with this! My girls are 19 & 20 and do not even want me to take their photo anymore! And their lives have become more separate from mine in that they are away from the home at school or work or with friends. I do not always know their story. It saddens me, but that is the phase of life we are in. However, my life is for the most part just back and forth to work - not very exciting. So I am struggling with what to document, what stories to tell. But I don't want to give up this hobby because I love it. I need to find my own stories now, not just those of my daughters. And with Ali Edwards' new website and continued message of the importance of story, I am rethinking how I scrapbook. You've given me food for thought. Thank you for sharing.


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