Saturday, October 18, 2014

The days seem to be disappearing so fast. Spring seems to have finally arrived and I've even broken out the shorts several times this last week!

Of course I've been a little obsessed with the beautiful light, shadows... and of course flowers!
This will be on a 12x12 page for my album

The kids will be on study leave soon and by about this time next month, they'll be on summer holidays until February!

I can't deny that I'm looking forward to having company at home. Hubby has shifted to an office off site.

Once again I find myself at a fork in the road, as I like to call it. I have so many plans that I've found I'm being counter-productive at the moment. From Monday I need to ensure I spend my days wisely! I know what I have to do. Staying on track is the hardest part.

As a side distraction, I've been caught up in the clean eating business for months now and following some very interesting reading on the Facebook page of Pete Evans, a chef in Australia and for those unfamiliar, he's a judge on a cooking show, MKR Australia, as well as an advocate for clean eating and the Paleo lifestyle. It's unbelievable how much flack he's stirred up in the so called health authorities in Australia, who are calling this lifestyle dangerous! What? Eating good real food and fats instead of carb loaded, processed, preservative and additive laden 'food'? I think they are actually running scared, a bit like when people started suing the cigarette companies.

Every day Pete has someone telling their story on his FB page. They may be a health professional or someone who has regained their health. So many things have registered with me and the stories are so inspirational. As I wrote here, I'm a Coeliac and ever since being diagnosed, I've taken a lot more interest in the labels on food. It's a subject I've rambled on about to my poor husband for years. I've always been disturbed by the rising number of unidentifiable ingredients in food. I have to say that now I'm dismayed at what I've fed my children as they've grown up, even when I thought I was choosing pretty healthy options for them. There is hidden sugar everywhere folks!

But enough on this subject. I think I feel a scrapbook layout coming on to record my story on health and food. It's probably long enough to be a mini album!

I have several Project Life pages to share. Just waiting for my photo order to show up.

Happy weekend to you all! I'm hoping to get my goals sorted into To Do lists this weekend. At last I feel ready to tackle a few things. Feeling excited!


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