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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

... and a funny and true story. Anna is baby sitting 2 little boys some days during the school holidays. Yesterday was the first day and the 3 year old 'L' said:
"Do you have kids at home?"
A "No, I am a kid.".
L "Nooo you're not. You're an adult".
A "I'm a big kid. Once I was a little kid".
L "I have a secret" He leans over and whispers earnestly in her ear "Once I was a BABY!"

Ah, little children. Don't they say the cutest things?

Once again I covered a week as well as continuing my monthly CURRENTLY series. I'm really happy I started doing this monthly summary. It's a way to add a bit more about us individually and I've noticed the family like those little details I record about them:)

Last week I used a 9 pocket 8.5x11 page for my right page so I used the reverse of that to record my current thoughts on N and A. It's a very simple graphic page but for me it works because you can see through the gaps to the underlying page.

My favourite part of the Project Life process is page design. I just love choosing and adapting digital elements to my page style. #happyplace

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life page A and Plus One Kit filler card
Ali Edwards Design digital elements
Paislee Press digital elements
Studio Calico digital elements
One Little Bird digital frame


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