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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Waiting for exams to start and finish, transporting my two to and from their exams and generally trying to keep things calm and as stress free as possible.

Waiting for results. It's been the month I took my daughter to have an echocardiogram and saw her wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours... something I never imagined doing for my seemingly healthy 15 year old! Thankfully it all seems fine, although we've yet to get the final briefing. Hopefully the weird symptoms were just part of some awful virus she had.

Stepping up the clean eating and have 3 of us pretty much completely eating real food only. The other has tried hard to come on board and I'm proud of him for ditching some of the sweet sugary treats he was addicted to. Small steps... I love this lifestyle. I'll admit it's very time consuming as almost everything is made from scratch. But ultimately so rewarding. Who'd have thought I'd be making coconut yoghurt a few months ago? The other day I had lunch out with Anna and I weakened and bought a gluten free cake. I regretted it soon after and felt yuk after eating it.

Trying to finish off my Week in the Life photo book and catch up Project Life pages. I'm pleased to report that late yesterday I finished the book AND uploaded my order for photos for 2 sets of PL pages. Progress!

Deciding to continue my 30 Days of Me album as my personal album over the next year. Clearly it wasn't completed in the 30 day class and I don't want to rush it.

Thinking a lot about December Daily and Christmas in general... and wondering how it's almost that time again already! 

Planning ahead for 2015. I hate wishing time away, but I'm excited for a new year, new projects to be started and a summer holiday! Bring it on!


  1. Your meal looks amazing!

    My daughter went through extensive heart testing when she was 16. Final diagnosis: normal sinus arrhythmia. She had so many tests, some more than once. I don't remember details here because that was six years ago, and I've tried to forget it. It was very scary. I do know she wore that monitor three different times - once for 48 hours, once for a MONTH, and once for about a week. She was on and off several drugs. This went on for 2½ years. She sort of got better over time; perhaps she outgrew most of her problem. (Her pediatric cardiologist said that happens.) She will probably always have arrhythmia, but it's more of an annoyance than a problem. She's now in college, a senior in a very grueling RN program, and doing well. I hope your daughter is over her heart problems soon!

    1. Thanks Donna. We are seeing the Cardiologist shortly. Really hoping it's the all clear for her. Never nice to see our kids with these things huh?


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