December Daily 2014 is on my mind

Friday, November 7, 2014

Yes, I'm almost ready to push the order button on my Week in the Life 2014 photo book and my mind is already wandering along to December Daily.

At this time last year I was unsure whether I'd participate or not and wrote this post with my reasons.

I'm back in the same place with thinking but when I look at my December 2013 PL pages which I incorporated DD into, they are some of my fav pages ever. I didn't upload all of them but you can see what I did upload here and here and here. Plus I've added a few more images below.

When I look at the pages, I remember I adopted a layout plan from the start and carried that through. I'm a big fan of consistent and repetitive in case you hadn't worked that out already:}

I designed some of my own gold and white cards which I still love and am tempted to go with this year too...

I coupled these with AE Design digitals designed for Dec Daily and Paislee Press 2013 Christmas digital elements.

To cover Christmas Day I used Design J pages and grids of 4 inch photos.

I'd like to make some changes to the layout this year, just because I hate doing exactly the same each year, but honestly, I think I'll end up with much the same look. The challenge will be getting different photos.

Who else is doing DD and what are your plans?


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