Gratitude and how it helped me through some tough times

Thursday, November 13, 2014

This morning (as I sit here still wet from my walk which ended in a downpour), I was browsing some favourite blogs and read a wonderful post on gratitude on Ali Edward's blog.

I guess what she says is not rocket science, but sometimes once we realise we have the power to view things differently, we can appreciate the difficult things that happen. We realise that sometimes we become stronger because we have to fight our way through situations.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a strong person. I cry at the simplest things (ask my teens to comment on that), but I do know I have an inner strength which I've developed to help me find peace. It's learning to be thankful for the positive things. Sometimes if you look for one little good thing amongst the chaos, it fills you with good emotions.

I've discussed our family situation on a few posts here before, so long time readers will know that last year we learned our teen son has ASD and he went into a very dark place emotionally. We had to learn as a family how to deal with it - indeed how to actually all cohabit the same space.

At the start our psychologist said we were possibly going through some sort of grief phase - because suddenly everything we knew was changed. It was extremely challenging at times. The only way I could keep myself in a good emotional place was to find a way to be happy.

Somehow I decided to keep a document on my computer and to write in anything that I felt good about each day. From that other things developed and I guess that planted the seed for my One Little Word for this year - moment. Of course this lead to other projects like capturing winter magic and really if I look back through scribbled notes in my journals from this year, it's lead to a whole string of ideas and definitely helped me deal with my world in a better way.

 I've thought many times about how grateful I am to my son for teaching me so much. He may be hard work at times but he thinks on a different level. When we connect on a common interest, he fills me with inspiration.

So, while I'm pretty miffed at getting wet again and our crazy spring weather, I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to walk in the mornings when many others are at a desk job. And I'm grateful for the cardio workout running up the hill.


  1. Hi Donna! I found your blog via Caylee's PL blog post yesterday. (I'm Donna G. above you in that post.) Oh my goodness! You write so well! My blog went from being more personal to being all PL when I got on Becky Higgins' 2013 PL Creative Team. I need to go back to my "roots." I've got a huge family thing the last week of November (all 13 of my family here together from all over the US; first time in two years). In December I'm going to look for me. Thanks for the inspiration. PS. Your photos are fabulous, too!


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