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Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'm working away on this project with mixed results, but so glad I persevered through a few tricky days. Yesterday I finally got my act together and used my timer more. What a difference a  different perspective made to a few shots. It also helped that the family were around.

I have to admit the week seemed pretty ordinary... yes, I know, the whole point is to capture the ordinary. I have learned a few things about myself during this week.

I've learned that I'm currently at a crossroads. It's a little daunting and pretty exciting all at once. My husband's business has changed a little, meaning I'm not required as much, so I'm free to decide what my next step will be. In fact, I don't have to do anything different but I feel I'm just frittering my days away sometimes, so I've given lots (and lots) of thought to this.

For months I've been thinking about my purpose in life. In fact, ever since my son was asked this same thing. I remember sitting there being thankful I wasn't being asked that. I've read a lot of stuff about purpose since and from that I sorted out what my passions are. They are my purpose.

My focus is the welllness of myself and my family. Part of that is self expression. For me that translates to my passions of photography and memory keeping.

THEN, I watched Elise's video of her speaking at the WDS.  How inspiring is she? I read her blog every day and am in awe of her ability to get things done and be so relate-able. Anyway, at the end of the speech she asked "What is your bold statement?" That got me thinking. When it came to me, it seemed so obvious.

My bold statement is: I want to capture the ordinary AND the magic in my everyday.

Totally got me back in focus with my WITL. Wish I could start this project over, but instead, I'll just adjust my sails and carry on my Project Life pages and other memory keeping with a new enthusiasm. And from that I'd like to develop some other ideas. I need to channel Elise for guidance!
Fav photo of the day.

Thanks for visiting:) Last night I found out I'm a finalist for the Jot Girls CT 2015 call! So excited to have made it that far! Fingers crossed, but proud of myself regardless:)


  1. Loved reading your post. Great bold statement. Elise is very inspiring. Love her blog too! (Saying hello from Norway :)

  2. Great post. Must admit to finding some motivation this week to get me going before time fritters away too. Good luck with your Jot application. :)


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