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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's a stunning summer morning here. On my walk I got to thinking (the sun and sea air are so good for the soul) about how far I've come this year and the impact several things have had on me.

Yesterday I pulled my Hello Story photo book off the shelf. For those unfamiliar, Hello Story was an online class by Ali Edwards run through Big Picture Classes last year. I read a story I wrote which I called Light & Shade. It wasn't part of the class but because of what I'd learned in class, I knew it was important to write about our story... the good AND the not so good. It was dated 7 Nov 2013 (I love when I remember to date things!). It was a story about a particularly hard week we'd had with our son who had only been diagnosed with ASD a few months at the time. It was around the time of his first major exams and it was also when we were noticing an increase in his sensitivities, particularly to noise. The slightest noise could tick him off.

What surprised me was that I read something I'd forgotten about. "In that time of shade I feel such an array of emotion from sadness to anger to helplessness. Ian says it's like I have a tortured soul at times."

Almost 13 months on from this, I know I'm in a much better place. Thankfully, we all are. I know I've worked hard to put things in place to find ways through the difficult times. I strive to look for the joy in the simple things. It makes such a difference. Actually I can say that I'm thankful in some ways for the whole experience because it helped me learn to see things a different way.

I also know that doing One Little Word (another yearly class with Ali) has also solidified the way I look at things. I'm amazed how one word can do that! I guess if you're open to learning and accepting, then you see things you may not have otherwise.

My word for 2015 found me the other day while I took 5 minutes out of my walk to sit at the beach and stare at the sea. I'm not going to say what it is yet, but I feel excited that it's a continuation of what I've learned this year with moment. It's not a straight forward word. I'm actually a little scared of it! I hope it will push me.

As I reflect back on the memory keeping/project life completed so far in 2014, I see it as a year of experimenting for me. Different sizes, different formats. One day while I was contemplating 2015, I just thought, what am I doing? What is my real passion? Just get on with that. So next year, I will be changing things a bit. Thank goodness for December Daily and Christmas to keep me excited and occupied until 2015:)


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