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Sunday, December 7, 2014

I felt a bit challenged as to how I was going to include something daily in this book. That is, something Christmas related. In years gone by, we'd have had kids school Christmas events, carols, and as they got older, prize giving in December, but this year both are Seniors and so they had prize giving in October before exams and have now been on holiday for weeks.

I've allowed myself to include some non Christmas related December things. After all, for us, the festive season includes the beginning of summer, end of the school year and school holidays. It includes preparing for some summer trips, updating wardrobes, garden planning and maintenance. All sorts of things non Christmas related but all have the same festive season feelings.

My solution:
-1 set of pages to cover a daily photo for week 1 of December. I concentrated on photographing some Christmas magic within each day.

-1 set of pages to cover daily Dec stories. While it doesn't seem we did much exciting, I know we always read these pages later and think "oh yeah, that happened".

-1 set of pages for extra (special) photos, not necessarily Christmas related. (This is when I'm more likely to be able to include some photos of Nicholas...)

I'll probably roll with versions of this idea each week of December. In between each week I have other Christmas related stories and pages.

Here's the pics and word pages for Days 1-7 December...
(click on photo to enlarge)
 Supplies used:
Top page: Paislee Press December faves templates
All script is Ali Edwards Design

This will be a 6x8 printed Photo Book when finished. You can see my other posts here and here.


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