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Friday, December 19, 2014

Gosh, this time next week it'll be Boxing Day! When we get this close to Christmas I always get a strange mix of emotions. Excitement that we'll be seeing our families in a few days. I've only seen my parents twice since last Christmas. Excitement for my daughter. She loves Christmas so much. And just general excitement for all that goes with Christmas Day.

I have a pang of anxiety too. Christmas for us ever since we lived in Auckland, has meant us travelling to family nearly every year. With small children, that's quite a feat. With big kids, well, not so stressful packing wise, nor hiding Santa pressies but still a lot to think about. Checking and double checking we have all the gifts is probably my number one on the check list! Packing the camera, charger and phone charger number 2. Priorities!

I also want to have my December photo book up to date so I can just add in the Christmas Days when we get home and call it complete. By this time of the month, my mind is wandering to the new year, new beginnings, new things to record. I absolutely LOVE starting off new projects.

Added to that, it's holiday time for us. We're having a week at the beach later in January but in the weeks after Christmas, hopefully we have a few day trips and adventures. I think it's my favourite time of the year! We just need summer to install itself (there's been a joke on the internet that summer failed to install due to an error). Whatever the weather, it's important to find the magic in every day. That's my plan anyway.

Wishing everyone the most wonderful HOLIDAY SEASON.

A couple of digital pages for my photo book...
 There are, of course, words to accompany these photos above on the following pages in the same format as in this post.

One of the extra stories. I've included a number of stories as well as a daily diary.

You can see all my December Daily posts here. So looking forward to having this book printed in January!

Supplies used:
Paislee Press templates
Ali Edwards Design digital brushes


  1. I'm so happy I discovered your blog through Caylee's blog! You're inspirational for me in my scrapping, and your blog is so pretty! Question about the gold "december" above: Is that a digital element? If so, was it gold or did you recolor it? "hello summer - hello Christmas" just sounds weird together. =)

    1. Hahaha! Yes, it must sound weird for you in the Northern Hemisphere! We'd love to experience a winter Christmas sometime... meaning snow, not just wind and rain like we've had days of here. The December is one of Ali E's from her Noel set and I recoloured it. Have a fab Christmas Donna.

  2. Merry Christmas Donna. Have enjoyed reading your blog posts this year and seeing your beautiful photos. I haven't always commented but I have been reading. LOL

    1. Thanks so much Vicki! I really appreciate that.


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