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Sunday, December 28, 2014

We've just returned from a 4.5 hour road trip. One thing about these is they give me time to think. Well after we've finished playing games like A to Z of films, actors by first name, actors by surname... and then everyone suddenly becomes quiet.

As we drove along looking at the beautiful and changing landscape between New Plymouth and Auckland, I realised how much I'm inspired by nature. There's its form, the way the light falls creating light and shade, the texture, but what I really love is colour.

You won't find me wearing a mix of bright colours, nor will you find my house decorated in lots of colour. But I do love colour, it's subtle differences, and the way it works together and that's the way I use it.

When I'm out walking I take heaps of photos of flowers because I'm instantly drawn to them. That's where you find nature working colour magic. The variegated colours, light and shade working on the different forms. I love to use this as inspiration in my Project Life pages. Sometimes a flower may send me looking for some filler cards of a certain colour. Take the multitudes of pink roses climbing over lots of fences. That sparked my recent pink fascination which translated to these pages.

Last summer on holiday, I was inspired by yellow flowers growing wild on the beach where we were on holiday. The interior design magazine I bought at the same time seemed to have yellow popping out at me too and suddenly I couldn't get enough of it! More images here.

I always use a colour in moderation though. For me Project Life is primarily about the photos taking centre stage. The filler cards and any embellishments are there to enhance. Much the same as I view accessories in my interiors and my wardrobe.

Complimentary colours are my favourite combination and one of my favourite pages this year was this one where the green complimented the pink. More images here. If a page isn't working, my best advice is to look for a colour to compliment the colour which is the strongest in your photos. Find a way to balance this on your page.

I have a board on Pinterest where I pin colours and moodboards which may inspire me for a project. I haven't referred to it much but I guess that sometimes, just the act of pinning something plants a seed in the mind. It's always a good place to refer to if I'm feeling devoid of ideas.

I have so much to share about colour and where I find other inspiration. I think I might make this a new regular blog topic.

I hope you're enjoying the holiday season? For me it's summer and we've had beautiful weather for days now. I'm trying to get my mind back on to my December photo book to finish the last few pages and to wind up my December PL pages so I can launch into 2015 with all this inspiration!

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