One Little Word for 2015

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I've just signed up for my third year of One Little Word. If you're unfamiliar with what this is about I recommend you read this post by Ali Edwards.

In 2013 my word was simplicity. It came at a time I was trying to simplify my life in all areas... less stuff = less mind clutter. I'm still on that journey.

In 2014 the word moment chose me. I've had an incredible journey with this word this year. You can read my posts here, although I'll say here that a lot of my journey has been quite private and unrecorded on my blog.

I think for any word to work, you have to be ready for change and open to learning, accepting, admitting, and trying to change. There have been specific events in my life that have made me learn to be open to accepting and learning. Although some of these events have been negative, they've had a positive effect on my life because I've been forced to change my attitude and direction. Maybe those events were meant to be? I don't know. Life is strange. It throws curve balls at you and they seem to be a test. You can choose to sink or swim, depending on the way you work through them. All I know is that for me, this class is a wonderful way to look at things in a new light.

Which brings me to my word for 2015. I had a list of about 10 words I'd written down over the year. Somehow they all seemed to be too easy. I was sitting at the beach for 5 minutes of solitude a few weeks ago when suddenly a word popped into my head.

I knew I'd seen it written in someone's comment and maybe that's why it was in my head. Anyway, I'm a little scared of the word and I'll explain why shortly. What I do believe though, is that this word will push and test me the way this year's word did. And that's what I want. To be challenged.

My word is perspective. It seems a natural follow on from moment. I want to take particular attention of the way I see things. It's also about attitude.

Why am I scared of it? Well, years ago I trained in Interior Design and we had to draw many freehand perspective drawings. No computers then. You had to know about one and two point perspective, bird's eye view and all of that. It was something I dreaded doing for my assignments. It's funny how that experience made me shy away from the word when it means so much more.

2015 will be my year to conquer that word. I've signed up for the early bird special price. I'd love to hear if you're doing the class too and what your word is.

Looking forward to another enlightening journey:)


  1. I really really like the word you choose! I will share my word at the end of the year. ��

  2. My word for 2014 was moment too! I hope it was as great to you as it was to me.

  3. I've signed up too - my word was going to be Serenity but today it's changed to Peace.
    PS - I'm Paula from the NZPL FB group.


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