A quick inspirational wall print

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm collecting some prints, art and photos to make a small gallery wall by my desk at home. It's a work in progress. Both collecting the art, and the whole office area. The reason being that I share a space with my husband who worked full time from home until recently. Because he had work colleagues and business clients calling in, I was reluctant to make my space too me. Now I don't feel it's his place of business so much so, the time is right to style things my way.

I love the quotes in the Project Life Dazzle kit and because I have it in digital form, I resized it to fit on a 5x7 piece of card, printed it and put it in a frame. 10 minutes and done!

The same thing could be achieved with a physical 3x4 card by using a smaller frame, or mounting the card on cardstock and then framing.


  1. That looks very nice! My husband works from home, too. We share an office and have for many years. Fortunately he's only rarely had business-related people coming in. He almost always goes to them, because he does software.

  2. Thanks Donna! Not making much progress so far in my little area. My mind is still in holiday mode!


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