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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello! A big hello if you're a new visitor and a big hello if you're a regular. Well, 2015 arrived with all the usual excitement for new beginnings. With it being summer holidays here, I'm finding it a bit hard to focus but I'm okay with going with the flow. While I'm busy just being present I sometimes get my best ideas.

I've had plenty of time to get 2 Project Life double pages and my 2015 title page almost completed so hoping to share them soon.

This morning I got up early and spent some time listening to the first One Little Word class and then working on the prompt and setting some Intentions. For me perspective is all about the way I see things and I want to apply this to finding the magic in my every day because that makes me feel happier, and to adjusting the way I view things, as in looking at situations with a more positive view point and I guess just finding more confidence to share my viewpoint.

I'm sure my work with this word will lead me off in other directions and I can't wait for that.

The word PERSPECTIVE is probably really a follow on from my 2014 word moment. That word inspired me to complete my Winter Magic project and I loved doing that so much, as well as finding that over 3 months I'd formed a habit of doing this. I decided not to carry on during spring but I started to focus on this again over December and the Christmas season.

I've decided to work on this as a year long project but not just as a series of photos and not 100% sure how I'll record this. Most likely in more than one way. I look forward to sharing more as I settle into this.

Thanks for stopping by:)

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