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Thursday, January 15, 2015

A new year brings a sense of a clean palette. A chance to change things, or keep them the same.

In 2014 I experimented with different sized layouts. I started off weekly and ended up creating pages within a month. I journaled more as the year went by.

In my head I'm a planner and I like consistency, but I've found I like a challenge and 52 weeks of repetition in the same format looks great (I pretty much achieved this in my 2013 album), but may not get done if I feel I'm stuck repeating the same thing weekly.

I'm glad I allowed myself the freedom to play around in 2014. From that I learned that I just need to go with what feels right at the time I'm creating a page. Forget rules. Have fun because I think I'd rather record my personality than feel stuck in a rut created from my own preset rules!

I'm a hybrid memory keeper, ie I use digital products along with physical products. These days I design my pages pretty much totally digital and then print out the cards and photos and slip into the pocket pages. I started with digital Project Life cards because I could access them immediately. In New Zealand we have to wait a while for new product and a few years ago there were limited places to buy it. Things have changed a lot for the better now. In 2013 I decided I wanted to have square corners because, well, I just like them that way. With digital products I can also tweak them or enlarge or reduce in size. My daughter has just started her own Project Life album using physical products and corner rounding:) I'll post about this soon because she's making an awesome job of it! It's nice to see both styles of Project Life together and our discussions have highlighted a few things.

This layout came together from our New Year's Day. It was a perfect hot summer day here. This year, I'm making pages within a month and I'm going to carry on with my monthly round up of journaling. My double pages may be about a day, or a week, a special event, or maybe just photos which tell a story together.

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Supplies used:
  • Becky Higgins Project Life: Design A (left side) and Design F (right side), Midnight Edition kit, Dazzle Kit and Digital stamps from BH Stampin Up Day to Day, Everyday Adventure kit, 
  • Paislee press: Twenty Fifteen digital stamp and Hello Sunshine digital stamp (Sunny Days kit)
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  1. I love your pages! What font(s) do you use, Donna? I'm usually all over the place with fonts, but I'm considering using just a few to save time.

    1. Hi Donna. My main go to font is Arial Narrow. Yep, good old Arial! I like the simplicity and I can fit quite a bit of journaling on a card. Sometimes I mix in serif fonts for quotes or titles to mix it up a bit.

  2. What a great start to the year.


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