Project Life 2015 | Feb 1

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Actually this is my 2nd Feb layout but the first shown. This one documents a day trip last Saturday which I'd designed by Sat evening, had the photos printed Sunday morning and finished putting it in the album by lunch time! I love that that's how easy Project Life can be.

Matakana is a small village north of Auckland and by or on the way to some of the beautiful beaches which are very popular for day trips or staying in beach houses. It has a weekly Farmer's Market and a gorgeous old pub which serves great food. We love to sit outside in the courtyard. My daughter took some of the photos... some at my request as I was juggling a bag and a coffee!

I went with my usual formula of large and small photos, white space and using filler cards to balance the colour. The digital stamps are all from Becky Higgins/Stampin Up kits. I love that they have really good basic words and sayings in their stamps. so usable time and again.

One of my goals this year was to include more handwriting. It's not that I dislike my handwriting... more like I have too much to say to fit on a card! So It will be a mix of hand and type I think.

Products used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Pages Design A, Sunshine Edition, Lovely and Dazzle Mini Kit cards in digital format
Becky Higgins/Stampin Up Digital Stamps from Happiness Is, Everyday Adventure and Point & Click kits
Photo Template from Simply White Collection 

Project Life is a system for memory keeping by Becky Higgins. This year I'm part of her Creative Team. You can find out more about Project Life here.

Project Life 2015 | Jan 4

Friday, February 13, 2015

Rounding off January.Once again I mixed Midnight and Project 52 Editions with a card from Dazzle mini kit thrown in. I love being able to mix and match a few kits for variety. Although I love the clean simple look, I love using colour to tie everything together.

Each month I want to add some form of extra journaling which will usually be a "right now" sort of summary, but for January I went with a list of what I'm loving right now - using a digital Stampin Up stamp for the heading. I LOVE this sort of memory keeping to look back on. 

Products used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Pages Design A, Project 52 Edition and Midnight Edition and Dazzle Mini Kit cards in digital format
Becky Higgins/Stampin Up Digital Stamps from Happiness Is kit
Photo Template from Simply White 

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OLW 2015 | The way I see things

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Today I realised that this weekend we'll be halfway through February! It seems this year is galloping by and I've felt a bit anxious about that. I have so many things I want to do. One Little Word being one of them. I felt I'd neglected it in January because with it being mid summer in NZ, I was focused on holidays and spending some quality family time.

Today I went for a long walk in a different direction. My children are back at school and suddenly I feel like the light in my head switched on a bit brighter. I mean that in a good way. What I realised is, that I did exactly what I should have done. I was focused on family in January. That is precious time. When I think about it, my OLW has been working it's magic even when I thought I was neglecting it. I had scribbled down answers to the January prompt and I had made Intentions for the year in my journal. They're just not filed nicely in an album yet. It wouldn't matter if that never gets done. The main thing is I'd planted the seeds and they were growing while I got on with what I felt was important.

My word is perspective. It is all about the way I see things. What I've just written above makes me realise I am seeing things in a better way.

I'm looking at my word in 3 different ways: creative, physical and emotional. 

Today's thoughts are a start on the emotional side. There are so many other aspects to this one.

The physical side will address my surroundings - making things visually appealing and stimulating. I have a list of interior projects to start on.

The creative one is of course the most exciting. I'm continuing my finding the magic in my everyday project and that has an impact on my Project Life album. I'm also working some other ideas which I'll share as they come to fruition.

I'll leave you with this thought.

"The most dangerous risk of all - the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you van buy yourself the freedom to do it later"

You can read my other posts on my word and last year's word which sort of links in here and here.
You can read about One Little Word (a class by Ali Edwards) here.

Project Life 2015 | Holiday Pages part 2

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

These pages were designed as inserts... or pages within pages. Following on from my Part 1 post, you can see how these fit in.

It took an embarrassingly long time to choose which photos to use and to get them as simple as they look! After these pages there's another double pager about my husband's climb up Mt Pauanui and the awesome views from up there. I think I'm done with holiday photos... back to regular life now.

I used Project 52 Edition patterned paper to make the base for the left page.

Left page is Design F trimmed down to 9x12
Products used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Pages Design A and 8.5x11 and F, Project 52 Edition and Midnight Edition cards and paper in digital format
Becky Higgins/Stampin Up Digital Stamps from Remember This, Everyday Adventure and Point and Click kits
Elise Joy digital stamp "magic"
Ali Edwards digital stamp 

Project Life 2015 | Holiday Pages part 1

Monday, February 9, 2015

January flashed by in a blur, due to a number of reasons... it was mid summer here and school holidays. We had an amazing week away at the beach. Yes, I live a 450 metre walk from a beautiful beach and still choose to go on holiday to a beach!

Between 3 of us, we took a lot of photos, so narrowing down to a few pages was the tricky part. I eventually went with 4 spreads including different sized pages so bits of the behind photos show.

Here's the first of my pages. I used the new Becky Higgins Project 52 Edition digital for these pages. There are so many gorgeous colours in that kit. It's quite easy to team with all sorts of photos and also alongside Midnight Edition, which I use as my main kit.

Because I use digital files and print my cards, I added the Life is Good digital stamp and I also added a white text box over the lower card to block out a different coloured writing and add my own text. Also easily done with physical cards + white cardstock and stamps.

I love the sheets of patterned paper that come with Project 52. I used one as the base for the 8.5 x 11 page and then added white to form a border. One of my favourite ways to add lots of random holiday photos is to use a grid template. This page and another 9 x 12 page sit within the two 12 x 12 pages.

Products used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Pages Design A and 8.5x11, Project 52 Edition and Midnight Edition cards and paper in digital format
Becky Higgins/Stampin Up Digital Stamps from Remember This, Everyday Adventure and Point and Click kits
Paislee Press Template for right page

My side-kick Project Lifer

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It was only a few weeks before Christmas that my 15 year old daughter laughed at my awkward stance while taking a photo. "I'd never do that" she said. "I just snap and hope for the best".

Fast forward to now and I have a budding photographer and Project Life fan. The latter not because of me either! So what changed her? The starting point was a Blogger/vlogger she follows who made a video about making a Project Life album using Becky Higgins Project Life products. She'd also referenced following A Beautiful Mess blog. Obviously Anna started connecting the dots and realised I was on the Becky Higgins Creative Team. And I had a copy of the A Beautiful Mess photography book. 

And so that started hours of conversation about her starting an album. Her main concern was that she wasn't a great photographer. A few lessons on light and where to place things from what I've learned and she was away. She's a natural!

She also said something else which made me think. She thought my pages were too professional and unattainable for her. Meant in a complimentary way, however I want to point out that I've developed my own easy (for me) system and totally get that some couldn't be bothered with the digital creating part of it. That's what I love. She just wants to keep it simple and that's great.

So we found her a couple of mini kits in a sale. She chose Dazzle and Daydreamer which coordinate beautifully. Elsie and Emma's book also stayed in her room for a few weeks and she used it as inspiration. (See her cover shot).
She's added her goals top right and there's a quote bottom left.
She doesn't want to share her pages yet. I'm hoping she will in time because I think it's awesome to see teens documenting their lives and she may just influence someone else to start (she's working on her friends...). My album captures bits of her... but from my perspective. I also love to hear about influential young Bloggers/Vloggers talking about keeping memories too. They may or may not realise what influence they have over young people!

Today is a day off school for my two and so Anna and I are off to get some photos printed and putting pages together later. Happy times:)

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life page A and cards as mentioned above.
Paislee Press - Calendar and twenty fifteen digital stamp
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