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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It was only a few weeks before Christmas that my 15 year old daughter laughed at my awkward stance while taking a photo. "I'd never do that" she said. "I just snap and hope for the best".

Fast forward to now and I have a budding photographer and Project Life fan. The latter not because of me either! So what changed her? The starting point was a Blogger/vlogger she follows who made a video about making a Project Life album using Becky Higgins Project Life products. She'd also referenced following A Beautiful Mess blog. Obviously Anna started connecting the dots and realised I was on the Becky Higgins Creative Team. And I had a copy of the A Beautiful Mess photography book. 

And so that started hours of conversation about her starting an album. Her main concern was that she wasn't a great photographer. A few lessons on light and where to place things from what I've learned and she was away. She's a natural!

She also said something else which made me think. She thought my pages were too professional and unattainable for her. Meant in a complimentary way, however I want to point out that I've developed my own easy (for me) system and totally get that some couldn't be bothered with the digital creating part of it. That's what I love. She just wants to keep it simple and that's great.

So we found her a couple of mini kits in a sale. She chose Dazzle and Daydreamer which coordinate beautifully. Elsie and Emma's book also stayed in her room for a few weeks and she used it as inspiration. (See her cover shot).
She's added her goals top right and there's a quote bottom left.
She doesn't want to share her pages yet. I'm hoping she will in time because I think it's awesome to see teens documenting their lives and she may just influence someone else to start (she's working on her friends...). My album captures bits of her... but from my perspective. I also love to hear about influential young Bloggers/Vloggers talking about keeping memories too. They may or may not realise what influence they have over young people!

Today is a day off school for my two and so Anna and I are off to get some photos printed and putting pages together later. Happy times:)

Supplies used:
Becky Higgins Project Life page A and cards as mentioned above.
Paislee Press - Calendar and twenty fifteen digital stamp


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