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Monday, March 30, 2015

Created for my OLW album
This morning I got up early-ish and instead of spending time browsing the internet, I had a mad urge to pull out my journal and gather my random ideas together. By 8.00 am I'd signed up for 2 online classes - Love Your Lettering at Studio Calico and Type by Ali Edwards. No surprises there for anyone who knows me well enough! As soon as I saw them both advertised I knew that I'd be signing up.

So, super excited. One is a month long course and the other is a 12 week course. They are different but along the same subject matter. Typography, handwriting, script, in fact anything graphic has been a long time passion for me. I have multiple ideas spinning in my head. April will be busy but hopefully a kick start in a direction. I hope to amalgamate some of my ideas in one or several projects over late Autumn and Winter. YES.

I'll be back with a Project Life post shortly:)


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