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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How apt that this is called a vision board when my word is perspective. Ha! I always LOVE this prompt and can't believe that this year I left it a whole month before completing.

Once again I went digital on this. I whizzed through a pile of interiors magazines on my coffee table (they are the only magazines I have...) and put a post it on any page where words caught my eye. I deliberately went for words only as I loved doing this last year and wanted the same format for this year so they can hang together.

I scanned each marked page (which took about 30 minutes), then cropped each word and moved to my new page template.

I noticed that it turned out much like last year's and that this year's referenced my words moment and simplicity from 2014 and 2013! They are still very much part of my daily life. You can see last years framed vision board here.

On Friday I sat down and spent some time translating my scribbled notes into January's prompts. It felt like a weight had been taken off because suddenly there it all was neatly organised in a 6x8 album and I felt in control and re-connected with my word.

So now with the vision board completed, I have started on March's OLW work and hopefully good things will happen from this. Plans and ideas. In my happy place:)

Are you in the OLW class? If so, how are you going with it?


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