Project Life | Baby Album part 1

Monday, March 16, 2015

My baby is turning 16 years old in 2 months. My oldest is turning 18 shortly after. When they were babies, I'd never heard of scrapbooking and of course Project Life wasn't around then. I did discover scrapbooking in their childhood though and made a few traditional layouts but that's as far as I got with their baby albums.I knew that in my heart I wanted a simple style book for each with repetitive pages for each month. Most of the (film) photos ended up in a flip page album or a storage box.

Two years ago I made a start but didn't get far. I was still fairly new to Project Life and more into documenting the day to day.

The time has come for action! Using Project Life, I'm quite confident I can nail one album at least in the next few months. I had the birth day sorted and pages covering the first days already completed. I decided to choose 3 months old as my starting off point now because the photos 'spoke' to me. And their weren't many of them. So basically it's probably the easiest place to restart.

My intention is to keep this very simple.

I think my main procrastination has been that the photos are all film from this time, so some are not the right orientation for the way I want them. By concentrating on one set of pages at a time, I've found scanning a few so I can resize or change to black and white is not a big deal.

Here's the 3 month pages. I think I'm hooked!

Instead of using just the Baby Kits, I've used the other kits I have. The turquoise and yellow cards (plus the pink for my daughter) in the various kits are all great with most of my photos. I do have Baby Girl and Boy kits in digital format as well. With digital I can print off as many of one card as I want and it gives that repetitive element.

Products used:
Becky Higgins Project Life Pages Design A, Midnight Edition, Project 52 Edition,  and Lovely Mini Kit cards in digital format and Love This digital stamp from Becky Higgins/Stampin Up Remember This Kit 

Project Life is a system for memory keeping by Becky Higgins. This year I'm part of her Creative Team. You can find out more about Project Life here.

Thanks for stopping by.  Donna xx


  1. Good start! Are you going to take apart the old albums then and relocate the photos in the new album? I have my two kids photos separated into envelopes for each...that's my start so far! Liz

  2. Hi Liz. Yes, my intention is to have one album with photos and details but if there are photos left over (and there are - they are all film, and therefore printed and lots of same sorts of shots!), I'm keeping them in a simple slip in album for now. There are far too many printed photos to use of their childhood, so I may resort to photo boxes for the unused. Both kids have stated they don't want too many albums. That's part of the beauty of waiting until they are old enough to have a say:) I sort of wish I'd made more digital books over the years - less to store!


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