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Saturday, April 4, 2015

In the last few days I've signed up for 4 new classes/projects. Over-commitment? I don't believe so. My plan is to work them all so parts relate to another... if that makes sense!

The latest challenge is #MySelfieScrapbook which is free and being run by some of my Instagram friends. You can get all the details here on Jen's blog, or join in with the above hashtag. Basically it's a chance to commit to a month of taking selfies and making an album with them. Okay, I'm the first to cringe at the word selfie but it's a legit word now! It conjures up visions of teen girls with duck face pouts or celebs who can't get enough of themselves, right?

Those of us who are memory keepers, Project Lifers, scrapbookers, family photographers, all realise that we're the ones taking the photos and rarely IN the photos. I've actually been making a conscious effort to include myself in my pages more and this has usually had to be from taking my own photos.

I've found that I frequently don't like myself in the up close pixelated reverse camera selfies, although these have their place. Since I started taking photos using the phone camera timer, I've really enjoyed being in a photo which shows a lot more than just me. I wrote in my last post about enjoying having snippets of my surroundings recorded.

So, for this selfies project, which also coincides with a project for my One Little Word perspective, I'm planning to push myself with this whole selfies challenge - different perspectives of myself, and also looking at the way I see myself. Sometimes the images and my thoughts don't match! Does anyone else find that? I think, getting more comfortable in front of the camera will help me with this.
These were a couple of photos I took on Thursday. I'm going with a 6x8 Becky Higgins Project Life album and page protectors for this. My cover page was printed on vellum and I hand painted the title straight on it with gouache.

I'll post some of my pages as I get them done but you can follow me on Instagram for more regular updates.

Thanks for stopping by... and let me know if you're joining in:)


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